Friday, January 27, 2006


Hello everyone. I am sorry I haven't written for a bit. January has been a trying month for me. 2006 isn't looking all that much better than 2005 but I have my fingers crossed. Overall the main updates have to do with my family in Indiana and my grad school progress. My family has started moving and will be relocating to Bedford, Indiana starting next week. That is a big step for my family as we have lived in Mitchell my whole life. It will be weird to go home and visit and not be in the same town as my Grandfather's grave and my high school and all of the things I am familiar with.

Grad School preparation is going well. I have finally scheduled my GRE for February 17th. For those of who you don't know, that is the Graduate Records Examination. This exam is important to some of the schools I chose and they make a decision based on these scores at times. I am nervous about it but have spent about a year preparing so I am hoping to get a couple more weekends of studying in and go in confident.

I have ordered transcripts, gotten recommendations out, and have almost completed my application packets so things are going smoothly. This coming week I am going to start working on the Fafsa and get that done for financial aid and the rest is going to have to fall into place. I owe Vanguard a little money before they will release my transcripts so that is the next order of business.

This process has required a lot of steps and also a lot of healing in my own life before I could really step out and apply. I have begun seeing my therapist again in the new year and it's going wonderfully. I know that through this process, I will need to be working on my personal growth and strength. I have a lot of things I need to accomplish in order to be a successful and confident therapist.

A few relationships in my life have come full circle and I am working on those. I have a new boy in my life and as of yesterday (Jan 26th) we have decided to be together. That means after 2 grueling years of singlehood, I am finally a girlfriend again. I have resolved in my own mind to do this one completely different. So far, I am doing great but it's only day 2. :)

My health is again a concern but when isn't it? I have started faithfully taking insulin again and it seems it's not the right dosage since I can't keep my sugar at a low enough number. I need to choose a diabetic specialist soon and start a new diet and regime and get serious about saving my own life. I have learned that I need to love myself a bit better through this disease and see if I can manage sugars better.

I am sure there are other things to update but I must get going and start calling around for a doctor that will see a patient without insurance. :(

Have a great weekend everyone and God bless you all!


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