Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What part of speech are your resolutions?

Resolution: A firm decision to do, or not to do something. Synonyms: Decision, determination, resolve, solution.

Today when I decided to start talking about 2012's New Year's Resolutions, I looked up the word Resolution on Dictionary.com. I immediately noticed the second word of the definition; Firm. So, since I was going that far, I looked up the word Firm. This is what I found:

Firm: Having a solid, almost unyielding surface or structure (Adj). To make something physically solid or resilient (V). In a resolute and determined manner (Adv)

I tutor a lot and one of the topics that gets worked on frequently is Parts of Speech. I always make sure we spend plenty of time on this topic because constructing great strong sentences requires using all parts of speech. I think that creating really great resolutions are going to require all of the parts of speech of the word FIRM for me.

I am one of those people who really likes resolutions and start overs. I am very into the proverbial "Mulligan!" For those of you who are not aware...

Mulligan: (In Golf) An extra stroke allowed after a poor shot, not counted on the scoreboard.

Each year, I find New Years exhilarating as it is a chance to do over some things, get an extra stroke or two, and possibly fix some things so they don't count on the scoreboard. I think we all try to better ourselves with our resolutions and taking them seriously is not always that easy. I have done a number of things over the years to try to get myself to achieve more resolutions. I made 50-100 one year and just gave myself credit for ANY of them reached. I believe I reached 25 or so that year. Not too shabby! I have made a few really general ones in hopes that I would achieve them all and that year, I was incredibly unsuccessful.

I don't think there is any one way to create resolutions or any right answer to the things that we need to change in our lives in the New Year. I am still a firm believer in resolutions because it is a challenge to better oneself and no matter what date you choose to start something, that is always a admirable goal. I am happy to report, as I look back over the life of the blog and the resolutions I have set in the past, many are achieved and many of my personality flaws have been sharpened and worked on and yet...I am so far from done. Every day that I am given is an opportunity to create a better and more productive person.

This year, I thought I would start a bit early working on the goal of creating some meaningful resolutions and some solid things that I can commit to in my 32nd year, 2012. (Brief pause to grieve that I am 32 this year)

Just in case you want a method to my madness, I am sharing the way that I write my resolutions each year in hopes that it will inspire you to make changes of your own and invest in your own life. Here is my process:

Step #1: Outline priorities.

The first thing I do in choosing my resolutions is to make a quick and easy priority list. Here is mine for reference:

1. My relationship with Jesus Christ
2. My Health -- Hence my relationship with me
3. My relationship with Anthony James Lewis
4. My other relationships (Family, Friends, etc...)
5. My career/work
6. My hobbies/interests
7. My flaws/weaknesses
8. My home/environment
9. My long term goals/dreams
10. Enjoyment of life in general

This is just a very general and rough outline of the things that matter to me in my life. They are semi in order with the top 3 being certain. Onto step 2.

Step #2: Write three solid goals for each priority

1. My relationship with Jesus Christ

-- Develop a consistent quiet time with the Lord each day.
-- Find and attend a body of believers in Indiana that Anthony & I both feel comfortable in and can minister through and be ministered to.
-- Develop spiritual disciplines of prayer, bible reading, rest, silence, etc... to a further degree than they are at now.

2. My Health -- Hence my relationship with me.

-- Get Hemoglobin A1C score down to a 7 on average each three months of the year.
--Develop discipline of moving my body in purposeful exercise at least 3 times per week on a regular basis.
-- Develop discipline of getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep per day.

3. My relationship with Anthony James Lewis.

--Have at least one date day per week where we get 3-4 hours of ALONE time with no family, cell phones, etc... interrupting
-- Develop the discipline of the debriefing time at the end of the night that includes prayer, devotional and just talking through our days.
--Make a concerted effort to speak sweetly and treat him with polite attitude and appropriate respect. (This one is huge every single day and it could always get better)

4. My other relationships (Family, Friends, etc...)

-- Spend at least 1 hour per week with my nieces and nephew and pay complete attention to them (not looking at cell phone, watching tv, etc...)
-- Be in better communication with friends by writing letters, emails, sending cards, and returning texts and phone calls in a timely manner.
-- Be aware of friends/family needs and commit to daily prayer time toward those relationships.

5. My career/work

-- Keep planner updated and work hard to not overbook my time but to be conscientious of mine and other's time.
-- Maintain paperwork and keep up to date for contracts, invoicing, and parent feedback forms.
-- Get associates # in Indiana in 2012 and begin getting hours for licensure in the state of Indiana.

6. My Hobbies/Interests

-- Get craft room entirely put together including table, shelving, and supplies in an organizational system.
--Finish Shawn's 1st year scrapbook by the end of 2012 and begin Kaylea's and Maddie's at the very least.
-- Create a reading list for 2012 for pleasure and read, read, and read some more.

7. My flaws/weaknesses

-- Figure out new boundaries and limits for relationships within Indiana and how that has changed from California.
--Do my best to take all Diabetic Medications, attend all medical appointments, and take all required vitamins
-- Stay organized and work each week to prepare for new work week and manage time schedule.

8. My home/environment

-- Make effort to get entirely moved in and unwanted items purged by March 2012
-- Get items out of storage in California and gone through to eliminate excess stuff.
-- Organize storage in a productive way

9. My long term goals/dreams

-- Begin savings account to work on down payment for house.
-- Pay of at least 20% of debt by the end of 2012.
-- Create savings/college fund for child (whenever that happens)

10. Enjoyment of life in general

-- Go on one Erica date per month
-- Make time to do at least 2-4 hours of pleasure only time each week (reading, crafting, movies, etc...)
-- Do a thankfulness journal each day of 2012 so I can acknowledge my blessings

This is my process each year to writing my resolutions. I pray that this year can be successful and that you are able to meet all of your 2012 goals! :)

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