Sunday, June 30, 2013

Media & Me

So the unthinkable happened on Friday morning when I woke up. I immediately grabbed my Iphone and found that I had no wifi signal. I thought that maybe I was just in a bad part of the house but I got to the desktop computer and SAME THING! Panic ensued almost immediately. No, I do not work from home, I did not have an appointment where all of the details were online...I was just freaking out because that is my "break time" each day. I am a stay at home mama these days and that means my days are full of laundry, dishes, cleaning, organizing, and baby Max care! These are all fine and dandy but we all need breaks throughout the day. My breaks are mostly things that require a wifi signal like blogging, Facebook, reading blogs, and watching my Netflix. In saying that, the way that I felt through the whole day on Friday was sort of ridiculous. These are my confessions...

I literally probably restarted the wifi a total of 25 times throughout the day hoping that a re-start would make everything better.

I suddenly viewed sitting down and reading my current book what I had to settle for today. (GASP)

I did not view the time that I put into doing crafts that day as a break but rather as more work that I did not want to do.

I almost cried when my husband got home and figured out the wifi issue and I was able to get online again and rejoin the world.

How sad right? I was so disappointed in myself after Friday and realizing that it was such a powerful influence in my life. I am still proud to say that Max's needs always come first and my breaks happen while he is sound asleep. How long will that be true though? Am I going to continue to have this problem when he is bigger and needs more of my attention and less naps? I decided that this has to come to a stop now so I am going to be fasting from ALL media one day a week starting next week. Here are the fasting guidelines and what day I am going to be fasting. It is going to be really difficult for me to do this but I also want to be closer to Jesus, closer to Max, and not dependent on something outside of Jesus that much!

-- ALL media includes Netflix, Iphone, Internet, Email, Blogs, Tablet, Games, any music that is not praise and worship

-- Time that I would be doing these things (or desire to do these things) I will either spend with Max doing something with him or in time with Jesus, since the main focus is being more centered on Christ and learning this for motherhood.

-- Media fast will start at 12:00 AM on Thursday Morning and continue until 11:59 PM Thursday night.

I will be letting everyone know through my blog how these experiences are and what God is teaching me. I am excited to get alone with Jesus...and Max of course.

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Amanda said...

Good luck, sweetie! I totally understand and will be sending positive vibes your way!