Saturday, September 25, 2004

30 minutes to changed!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog that has hardly been updated. I have found a way to update it everyday now so you will be hearing more from me. Today is a big day in many aspects. First of all, and most importantly, Joel and I have been friends for a year. I first talked to him one year ago exactly and it was the best decision I ever made. He has helped me through one of the roughest and greatest years of my life and for that, I won't forget him. It has been an amazing year and to you Joel, I owe the best friendship I can give you. I won't ever stop providing that.

Today would also have been my wedding day had I stayed in the mess that I was in. I love Adolfo very much and miss his friendship but let's be honest, there was no love left. I am happy to say yet again, I was spared from divorce. Although that's true, there is a saddness that hangs over this day in the bitter/sweet way. It's a gorgeous day in Southern California so at least I know that it would have been a lovely wedding day.

Today is also a big step for me. I am getting my hair cut today. Now I know that most of you do not view this as a big step but for me, it is. I have NEVER let anyone but my mom cut my hair. My mom is a licensed stylist so it's not as if I have let her do it untrained but either way, I am nervous. I don't know what I am doing with it yet but I am leaving in about 30 minutes, hence the title of today's blog. There is going to be a cut and a color difference so I am going to post pictures on my web-site for those of you not located in the gorgeous So. Cal area.

Tonight Josh has a soccer game so after the "cut" I am going to go and watch him kick bootie and then go out with Heather and Josh later on! I have to take my hair for a night out. So anyway, major prayer requests right now are getting used to my work schedule of about 13 hours daily and also healing more and more each day through the changes that have and are occurring.

My new job at Richmond Home Loan is still really great! I love it there. It's a great environment and really challenges me. Christopher and I are doing well also in the nanny job. He is precious and really rewarding to spend time with. We are on a quest to get him up to reading level and help him academically so I am hoping for some super changes and I know God is big enough. Church is great as I started going to Rock Harbor about a month ago. It's a non-denom. church in Costa Mesa and it's great. I really love the worship and the messages are really challenging me.

I am seeming to maintain friendships well even with all the busy stuff going on and I am hoping to continue that. I am trying to invest in others as they are certainly investing in me. If I haven't talked to you in a while, drop me an email or call! I miss all of you and can't wait to see you again. Home in December for 1-2 weeks (not sure yet) and am looking forward to some great Indy time!

Well, I should get going for the day but I will be keeping this up better now. Have a beautiful Saturday everyone and log in tomorrow to hear more about "the cut"! Also, I might possibly have a picture up on the web-page soon of it too. Have a good one!


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