Wednesday, September 29, 2004

sick & miserable

Hello everyone. I come to you today in dire need of prayer. I have really bad bronchitis and I feel yucky! I have been feeling badly for a few days and today I decided to go the URGENT care and get some medical treatment. I don't have medical insurance so normally that would be a terrible thing. I actually got really blessed and found a doctor who gave me samples and treated me for only $35.00. I am on meds and should be getting better soon. Until then, my life is difficult with all that is going on.

Yesterday was much like a nightmare. I had a flat tire yesterday and there was another $30.00 unexpected cost. I got it taken care of but not without a morning of frustration. I am glad to say that I was able to spend my evening with my FAVORITE person though. I went to Joel's house and we hung out and it was great. We watched a movie that was an emotional trip so I was pretty distraught by the time I left though. We watched "Man on Fire" or something like that with Denzel. It was good.

Today I feel like I have to speak about something I am going through. I am really learning to like myself and that is a hard thing for all of us. I have been working on setting up boundaries in my life and really learn to give people the authentic Erica. I am proud of who I am but sometimes it's so hard to think that people might leave my life if I am who I am. I have decided from here on, although this will be painful, I will be working on Erica. I will be trying to get myself together in all aspects. I am really trying to stay focused on my huge priorities now of my spiritual life, my health, my emotional health, my financial stability, and my career. These are the things that are important to me and if I don't get me together, I won't be able to properly share my life with anyone.

Many of you know that I am very broken and having a hard time healing from a broken relationship but at the same time, no one has any doubt as to where my heart is. I really want so much for my life and I have to give myself that right now. I hope everyone is understanding of this and if you are going through something similar, I would love to hear that and know that you are trying to work on yourself too so I can pray for you. Please pray for me through this time of getting to know my Lord and who he made me to be.

Thanks for stopping in everyone and as always, ~Shalom~

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