Tuesday, September 07, 2004

New life starts now

Hello everyone. I am writing today and letting you know that I got the job at Richmond Home Loan. It's great and I love working for Gary. He is an awesome man of God and truly makes me want to work well. I have already learned a little bit and really enjoyed my first day. I think it's going to be great but I am so blessed so far for sure.

Chris started school today in his first day of 6th grade. He was so cute this morning trying to make sure he looked good in his new jeans. I adore this little boy and just enjoy his presence so much. Please pray for him because he seems kind of intimidated at his school and has some problems being made fun of. He is precious and I just love the kid.

Overall things are going really well. I have Chris this evening and am making some tacos for dinner and we're going to find him a backpack. Being a mom isn't easy! Ha ha. Later on this evening I am hoping to talk to a really great friend of mine because well...I love him!

Have a great day everyone and blogging will be regular again. God bless you everyone and ~Shalom~

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