Friday, February 03, 2006

Embracing my female-ness

As I think about a year ago, I think about a lot of things that were so hard for me. I think about how hard it was to realize my family weren't going to change. I think about how hard it was to accept loss of a broken relationship and broken friendships. I think about how hard it was to confront my health head on. Mostly I think of how hard it was to trust females. A lot of you are aware why females have been a struggle for me. Today is a new day and today I trust so many females and feel so happy about that.

I decided to dedicate today's blog to my female friends and all that they bring to my life. These notes are a clear distinction that heart is healing.

My Britt Butt: Although you were the easiest to trust because you are my lil sister, I love you more everyday. I am so happy that we are adults together now and that you are becoming such a great person. I pray the most over your life and fulfillment of all of your dreams. You are truly so talented and bring so much to everyone's life that is lucky enough to be a part of yours. I am so sorry about the loss and hurt you have been going through but I love you sweety and I am here "always and forever." I just want to love you baby..I just want to hold you tight (LOL)

Heather: How do I possibly began to summarize all that is our relationship? I think it's a lot like a in Harry Potter. It had to die in order to become the beautiful thing it is today. I appreciate the friendship that has developed and the heart that you have been developing as well. God has really placed His amazing touch on your life and I am truly proud of everything you become day in and day out. I knwo that life isn't easy all the time and I am telling you..this too shall pass. I love you dear girl and thank you for everything. We are a permanent thing and I couldn't be happier about that.

Carrie: Thank you for being the best friend that Indiana could produce. I love you and your girls and your smelly husband. I look at you as an example of what I could be someday in my marriage and family. I can't wait to share my children with you the lovely way you have shared yours with me. I love you Hailey and Riley. Those kids mean the world to me and I thank you for every moment I get with them. Carrie, I love our friendship and how simple and great it is. You are a great girl and I am so lucky to have you.

Hannah: I am so excited that I am going to be a part of the most special day of your life. I am excited that you have trusted me with such an honor. Our friendship has always been pretty easy for me and I appreciate the kind of woman you are and that we are both so completely chill people. Our intensity is always ok to the other person and that is comforting. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for calling me on my crap, loving me when I was unlovable, and being a constant source of humor and love!

Heather Welday: Oh yeah, you have a new last name! I am so proud of calling you my friend. There are times when I think about what kind of person I would like to be and you come to my mind. We have both come from a crazy place and you have truly shined and shown that environments have nothing to do with developed character. A true psychological miracle in my opinion. I love you sweety and I wish you all the happiness in the world and it looks like that is what you are working on.

Pam: I love you like a mom know..a normal one. I appreciate all of the normal things you have brought into my life. Thank you for bringing me medicine when I am sick, looking out for me, and always knowing EVERYTHING. I am so proud of all you have accomplished since I have known you. You are my hero Pam-cakes! I love you dearly

This blog was dedicated to my nearest and dearest females but there are plenty more where that came from...Martha Fellure, Claudia Degelman, Barron Harley, etc...

Anyway, that was beautiful and now I am girled out! To my cute boyfriend, I am enjoying every second we get and thank you for being completely wonderful and loving me for me! :) Have a great weekend ya'll


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