Sunday, February 05, 2006

Superbowl Sunday yet again.

Hello everyone and Happy Superbowl Sunday! Do I care about this day at all? Not really. You see, football first of all isn't really my sport. Hockey is my sport by first choice. I love basketball and baseball too but really Hockey has my heart. Football is a long long way away from even gaining any attention from me. Just recently I learned that my boyfriend's favorite sport is guessed I have chosen to start learning about it because I don't want to sidestep his interests, however, I am certain that it will never reign supreme over Hockey. By the way, please take a moment of silence for my Colorado Avalanche as they got beaten down by my enemies..the Red Wings! I was so sad so Joshua and I had breakfast this morning to grieve our losses.

Anyway, this post wasn't supposed to be about football or hockey so I will get back on topic. Lately life has been so stinkin great that I can't even comprehend it and I am a bit scared of it. I mean, it's still my life where it has bills, family drama, friend issues, and weight loss struggles but there is a happy cloud sitting over all of it. I know what you all are thinking and yes...I am in love! :)

Avery has changed the way I view my life. He is a pleasant surprise every time my phone rings with Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder. He is the upbeat to everything I do. Just when I get discouraged about something, I think about him and the worries melt away. When I am worried about the GRE, he says encouraging things to make me believe I can do it. When I am discouraged about weight loss, he reminds me of how health is beneficial. He is the sweetness in my days!

Now, you all know that I am not the kind of girl that gets too fluffy about things. I am usually the girl who talks about love very matter of factly and never really feels it. I can tell you that this boy has my heart and I can't wait to spend time with him this coming week. I feel like before relationships stopped me on my way to my goals and dreams. They distracted me in a sense. Avery does the opposite. He makes me want to achieve all of my goals and dreams and makes me believe they are 100% possible. I am so grateful to him for being that kind of man!

Avery, as you read this today, realize how much I appreciate not just our relationship and the romantic part of it. I also appreciate the man you are. I appreciate your sweet personality, your encouraging words, and mostly the fact that you are becoming my best friend. I hope that as we grow together, we can learn more and appreciate more about each other. I am going to learn all I can about you, Kenya, football and whatever else matters to you. You are worth every second of my attention and love! Have a great day today knowing your girl adores you!

Well everyone, I hope I have not grossed you out but have really inspired you toward things that matter. It looks like Erica is coming out of cynicism once and for all! Have a great Super Bowl Sunday and I love you all!


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