Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sherrie Short...my tribute

Normally I write in my blog as much as possible and have tons to say but words are somewhat fleeting right now. On Sunday, February 19th at 5:22 a.m. my friend Heather's mom, and someone I loved and respected very much, passed away. Tonight as I sat in Heather's room praying with her and crying over her loss and my own saddness of missing Sherrie...I realized how amazing this woman was. She raised three wonderful children and was an amazing wife to Don but was even more than that. She brought several people to know the Lord, created her own craft business, headed up tons of projects at the church, and was all around loved by EVERYONE that knew her.

As I have spent the last few days with a grieving family, I am completely and utterly amazed by their strength and dedication to their mother and wife. They are all pulling through together and with grace. I believe that Sherrie would have so proud of her family as they make decisions, love each other, and grieve their loss. I am truly proud to have known Sherrie and to continue to know the Short family.

I want to close today's post by writing a little something to Sherrie since I didn't make it here to say goodbye.

Dear Sherrie,

I truly loved you! You have been a mother to me when finding a normal one was hard for me. You have created such a beautiful daughter for me to share my life with. She is so much like you and for that, I am lucky to call her a friend. Thank you for all that you did for me throughout our short relationship. Thank you for showing me an example of godly love and sacrifice. I truly miss you already and this house isn't the same without you! It truly isn't. I will forever hold you in the highest regard.

All of my love and dance it up in Heaven! The shackles are off..and now you may only PRAISE HIM!


P.S. Hug your mamas today!

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