Monday, September 01, 2008

Coupons, the new love of my life!

As I became a wife and learned about budgeting I became very insistent about learning how to get the most for my money and do the most wonderful things on a budget. So far, I have learned how to clip coupons and use them to get the best deals, make money from home, homemake Christmas gifts, cards, and ornaments, and entertain on very low amounts of excess dough! :) I am proud of myself.

Tonight as Anthony and I watched Robin Hood Men in Tights, I sat one the couch like the domestic queen that I am and clipped coupons and seperated them into their respective departments like Frozen food, Dining Out coupons, Services, Crafts, and the like. I find this game fun and I am really good at it. I am loving being a wife and Anthony is really proud of the things I learn while I am working so hard at keeping us fed, clothed, entertained, and put together! I love making him proud and he loves that I try so hard!

Overall here are a few lessons I have learned:

1. Clip all of the coupons you find, you never know what could go on sale and could be FREE at some point.

2. Use coupons in conjunction with sales at stores and you will get things for very little money, free, or could even have money back.

3. Smartsource (sunday paper), online coupons, and a magazine called "All You" *found at Wal-mart* are good sources to find coupons.

4. Coupons might not be worth it if there are not sales on that item currently, keep them until they are on sale.

5. Give away coupons to friends who have pets, babies, etc...if the products don't fit your life. They may have things that you need.

I love this life. It's so fun to see how far the money can stretch and find something outside of school that gives me purpose, fun, and helps my family. YAY Mrs. are the wife you have always wanted to be! :)

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