Sunday, November 28, 2004

Back home again

Hey everyone. I write tonight from my beautiful home in California. I am still feeling like I should be at home with my family. I am only here for about 26 more days before I am back in Indiana again but either way, I am still longing to be with my family. I was only in Indiana for about 6 days after a drastically terrible plane ride there. I flew out on Friday the 19th and was landing in Chicago for a short (yeah right) lay over. It was supposed to be an hour or so and I ended up being there for about 3 before we got onto the plane. When we were up in the air for only 20 minutes, the pilot came on and said our wings had iced up. We had to make an emergency landing back at Chicago Mid-way where we spent another hour before being loaded onto a cold, smelly bus for the next 4.5 hours into Indianapolis. Unreal!!!!!!

That was the nightmare part but overall I had a great time in Indiana. When I first got there I went with my little sister and her boyfriend *Dan Dan the Cowboy Man* to my favorite Indiana restaurant Golden Gables. Golden Gables is the redneck hangout. Gotta love it! I had a big helping of Biscuits and Gravy and had to keep my eyes open to go and get my rental car. My rental car was supposed to be a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix but when I got there it ended up being a 2005 Buick La Sabre! That's too funny to even comprehend. I should have had to have a handicap placard to drive it. I didn't have enough energy to even care at this point because I needed to get down to Mitchell and surprise my family.

I got to my house at around 9:45 in the morning on Saturday. My older sister, Hilliary, who knew I was coming answered the door to tell me that my mom and little sis, Britt, were still asleep. We decided I would be their wakeup call. I went and woke up mom first and she was very shocked to see me. I then woke up Britt to tell her I would be going to see her in her school play that night. She was so excited and I spent the rest of the day being around them and enjoying their company. I also went to Jarrid's work and saw him. It was great to see his face again and spend about an hour with him.

Saturday night I went to see Britt's play and she was absolutely amazing. I am going to be posting some newspaper articles about it onto her page on my web-site. She played a drunk lady named Gay Wellington in the play "You can't take it with you." She was great! I had a great time watching her and beaming with pride afterwards while she got compliments over and over on her performance. Saturday night was ended with a walk with Jarrid. I went to get him at his house and he was all dressed up in a tie and everything. I was pretty lucky. He is a cutie! We then went for a walk and ended the night with a great talk.

Sunday was Jarrid's birthday day with me. We went up to bloomington to the mall and shopped around. We had a great time and you can see pictures of it on Jarrid's 3rd page on my web-site. We went out to dinner at Outback and went to Barnes and Noble after that. We ended the night by watching Antoine Fisher and doing personality tests. My idea of a great night.

Monday I spent the afternoon working out with my dad at the new gym in Bedford. I walked/jogged one mile on the treadmile, did 6 miles on the bike and worked arms and legs a bit also. We had a good time and then in the evening I spent it with my family *mom, hill, britt, and tasha* over dinner. We had fried chicken and mashed potatoes which is good Indiana eating. Overall a great night and I ended up getting a new rental car on Monday (a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am) Good change if I do say so myself.

Tuesday was a good day as well. I went to the gym to work out with Dad and ended up spending the evening at his house having a great dinner that Jane prepared for us. It was really good and we watched "Cheaper by the dozen" until I was about to pass out. I met Jarrid down at my house later that night and we went for a walk and a drive and talked a lot of stuff out. We had a great time as always!

Wednesday was a wonderful day in that I worked out in the afternoon and then went out with my friend Travis in the evening. In the morning/afternoon I went over and surprised my friend Carrie by coming to her house and hanging out for a few hours. I got to see the girls and play with them and of course see my favorite girl-Carrie and talk with her. She is thinking of coming out to Cali so I am stoked about that! Travis and I went to an amazing dinner at Scholars in Bloomington and talked through a great drive together. I got home that evening and hung out with my older sis for a while before heading to bed.

Thursday was Thanksgiving so it was obvious that I would spend it with family. I spent the afteroon with mom, hill, and britt and the food as always was completely awesome. We had a great day and there was no drama. Later in the evening I went to my dad's house to hang out a bit. I stayed for about 3 hours and we just had finger foods and talked and watched some old footage of my dad in his band.

Friday was my last day in Indiana so I wanted to make it count. We *me, mom, britt, and Jarrid* went down to Spring Mill State Park and walked and took pictures. We also went out to Lunch at Arby's and had a great time just laughing and being a family. Jarrid is like family to us. We then went back to my house and chilled for a while before I had to meet my dad at the car rental place to go to the airport. I left Indiana on Friday night at about 8:30 p.m. I had an amazing time with my family and Friends!

I am back to California now and completely ready for the things which lie ahead. I have a busy week ahead with plenty of work to do. I have to put as many hours as possible into work as I need the funds when I go home in December. I am also putting some work into Graduate School applications this week as I would like to get my app to Vanguard in before Jan. 1st. I would also like to work out a lot this week as my weight has plateued at 236 lbs. I am very frustrated with this as I worked out the whole time I was home. I also ate very badly since it was all Indiana food though and I really need to get back on the weight loss train. It's a hard thing to stay on.

I am trying to get very focused on my spiritual life and self-improvement so I am reading a lot and studying scripture and focusing on staying on track. Overall I just know that God has so much healing for me since there was even a huge difference as I came home. Things are just not the same. I love my family and my friends but I am trying to be a different person than the Erica who left Indiana. I am proud of me and totally ready to be all that God wants from me. It's a hard trek but noone promised it would be easy. I am currently reading a book that Claudia Degelman loaned me called "The gift of being yourself" by David Benner and it's an incredible read. I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to change by knowing yourself and knowing God.

I have a few notes to people in thanks before I step out for the day so here goes....

Tasha, Dan, and Kristen: Thanks for bearing with me in the plane ride to Indiana. I appreciate you all coming to get me and I will never forget it. Tasha I love and appreciate you keeping my secret, Dan you are hilarious and I appreciate your help and your being good to Tasha, and Kristen, so sorry sweety for the way the night went and hope you are feeling much better.

Mom: Thanks for always making home available. Thanks for being happy and proud of me when I come home! I love you so much and can't wait to spend Christmas with you!

Dad: Thanks for taking me to the airport and working out with my lazy butt in Indiana. I love you and I am praying for you. Can't wait for Christmas workouts!

Hill: Thanks for keeping my secret and thanks for making me cookies. I knew you loved me boss!

Britt: You are truly amazing. Great job in the play! I love you and thanks for loving me back. Thanks for taking absurd pictures with me and always being a fun and wonderful best friend!

Jarrid: Love of my life, you are truly a wondeful blessing to me. Thanks for being the best guy friend that ever graced the planet. You are exquisite and don't you forget it. By the way, I still think you are HOT! *I said hot..tee hee*

Carrie: I love you my dear. Thanks for making the cutest little girls in the world. I am sorry I busted in on you on a bad day but I am so glad I got to see you. I love you all dearly and pray for you daily. You are such a blessing. I can't wait to hang out @ christmas!

Travis: You are my favorite friend! Thanks for the amazing dinner and even more amazing company. I missed you and love you so much. Good luck on your move and know I will always love and pray for you. I am hoping to get there sometime during Christmas and see your new digs! I love you fazz!

Josh: Thanks for picking me up at the was so sweet of you! I won't forget it.

Heather: Thanks for coming to hold down the fort in the car when Josh goes the wrong way! You are the best!

Overall, I just love you Indiana folks and let's be honest my California folks too. Special word to Joel: I love you for keeping track of me while I was gone and caring about my progress. You really are the most amazing man I will ever know or love. Thanks for everything gorgeous! By the way, you really are amazing!

I love you all and hope that your Thanksgiving was as precious as mine. I have never been more thankful!

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