Sunday, December 12, 2004

It's been a while

Hey everyone. It has been a really long time since I have blogged on here because I have just recently come to realize that there is a magical world called myspace. I have gotten into that quite a bit lately and because of that I have ignored my poor little blog. I really enjoy getting to know new people and new internet programs. This is my blog though and I have been negligent to it.

Lately I have been going through some of the hardest things that life has to offer. I have no idea how people honestly do it. I think that life is so much about attitude. Lately all of the things that have happened to me might kill a normal person but God has been so good to me and handed me a serious sense of resilience. I have learned a great deal and I am pretty proud of the way I am handling all of these many serious situations.

In saying that, I wanted to tell everyone that I hope you all have a marvelous holiday season. My plans for the holidays are to get away to Indiana and enjoy my family to the fullest. I have no care in the world about presents or anything like that but I want to spend time with my sisters and my mama and my dad. I want to hang out with my best friends from back home Jarrid and Carrie. I want to drive the old country roads of Mitchell, Indiana and sing John Cougar Mellancamp songs. I want to breathe the fresh air that makes me be able to see my breath because it's so cold. I want to throw a snowball and scrape the windows because they are all frosted up.

I miss home and have not felt very secure in California for the last month or so. I have been having a really hard time and quite honestly it is something that only home can fix. I have no idea what God wants for me in the future right now and I am searching for any and all signs of security until I get there. Overall, I know that God loves me and has all kinds of plans for my life but I am just waiting to see what those are and get some of these scars healed before getting there.

Well, I should get to work on some things I have going but I will try to stay more up on this blog. Overall, please pray because I am going out of town for Tuesday and Wednesday and would appreciate prayers for safety. I am going up to Northern California for a few days. After that I leave on Dec. 23rd for Indiana. If I don't speak with you before then, Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah. I love you dearly and wish I could buy you all your greatest wish for Christmas. I can however offer you my friendship and say Happy Holidays. Have a great week everyone as we are starting out a new one. Make good New Years Resolutions! ~Shalom~

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