Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Hopeless but hopeful

Hello everyone. If you have been logging onto the blog and not seeing any changes, my apologies. Life has handed me quite a hand lately. First of all I have been going through one of the worst illnesses I have ever had. 2 weeks ago I woke up with a headache and slowly through the weekend, it got much worse. By Monday morning I was so much in pain I couldn't even see. I called Joel and asked him to take me to the doctor and before I knew it, I was full on diabetic SICK. I had a severe kidney infection, sinus infection, and very high sugar. I fought my sickness all week until Thursday night when I got on a plane and headed to Indiana to see Britt graduate. In Indiana I was ok for the most part with very high sugars here and there. I got back to California yesterday when I went to the doctor to find out my situation hasn't improved much.

This morning I got up to head back to work and sure enough, I was fired. They told me to take the week off last week due to my illness and since decided that I am not WELL enough to work for them. I am devestated and I sit today wondering exactly what God is doing. I have recently made some huge decisions and choices in my life and I am wondering exactly what's happening. It's so strange how life works. I am fighting to obey God through this and more than anything...just trust him. I am hurting and broken and sick.

I need prayers so much and would appreciate all of your thoughts right now. Thanks everyone and sorry I have been so sporadic in my writing. Much more later.


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