Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What is it worth?

Today I had a devotional that prompted some deep thoughts and I thought I would share them with you. The devotional was talking about those antique roadshows that are on tv. The basic premise is that people gather at these conventions and bring their belongings that they think might have value and meet with appraisers from all over the country who then tell them what their wares are worth.

Well, the devotional made a valid point. There is not some magic criteria that decides what these antiques are worth. It is not size as the tiniest item and the largest item can be worth the same amount of money. It is not age, as items can be hundreds of years apart in age but of the same worth. It is not cleanliness as some of the items can be very grimy and still worth several hundred thousand dollars. It's also not expense because some people payed mere dollars for the items hundreds of years ago and now they are worth quite a bit.

The worth of an item is decided by what someone will pay for it. This devotional was speaking about John 3:16. We were worth so much that God gave his only son for us. That is a huge price to pay at any auction. Today this prompted my thoughts. I was sitting here thinking about where I find my worth. I look at the same criteria that I just told myself don't matter.

The size of my body sometimes makes me think I am worth less. I think if I get down to 125 lbs I will be worth more when the reality is...125 lbs or 350 lbs...Jesus still gave his life for ME! I also try to make it about age. I think, oh I am just 25 years old and know nothing...when I get older in the Lord ..I will be worth more. NOPE, Jesus loves a 6 year old who just gave his/her life to him just as much as a 65 year old missionary. Most of all...I try to make it about cleanliness. How perfect can I be? I can get really perfect and then I will be worth something. No, what I am worth today is the same thing I was worth at 350 lbs, sinning every minute, and at 15 years old searching for God. He loves me the same today and would pay the same price, HIS SON!

Take all of this in and evaluate your own worth today. It's worth it!

~I love you all~

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