Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Act like you are wise!

So this morning, I was reading the bible in my quiet time and this is the verse that stuck out at me and I started to rant in my own mind. This was said by Jesus in Matthew 11:18-19. Let me give you a little context here first. Jesus is talking to a crowd of people about John the Baptist. He is explaining to the crowd that they are doubting John even though he was good at keeping the "rules" however they look at Jesus who followed almost none of the "rules" like not befriending tax collectors and sinners and trust him. He is trying to speak on behalf of John. The next verse made me almost get goosebumps. It says "But wisdom is proved by her actions." For years, through this blog I have been on a search for wisdom. I have read Proverbs more times than I can count for it is a WISDOM book written by Solomon who was seen as WISE. I have gotten faith based therapy and even tried to continue my Christian education. Wisdom seems to be my greatest goal sometimes. I have always dreamed that one day when my time on Earth is done...I would be called wise. I always try to give myself the clearest definition when looking into a topic so here...

Wisdom: (N) The quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment, the quality of being wise.
The soundness of an action or decision with regard to the application of such experience, knowledge, and good judgment.

So having said this, my rant begins here. It is not enough in life to just have experience. Let me give you an example.

(Names have been changed to protect the unwise)

Two girls, Elizabeth and Janet were friends for years. They met in Junior High and started developing a close friendship. Elizabeth would stay all night at Janet's house for days on end. Every social event, they were together thick as thieves. They were in Junior High so many things happened to cause drama like Janet telling things to others that Elizabeth had told her in the strictest of confidence. Elizabeth telling lies to Janet to make her like her more and things like this that young girls do.

Fast forward to high school when Elizabeth and Janet start seeing boys on a regular basis and although Janet was always raised a Christian, Elizabeth became one in high school. This was a huge movement for Elizabeth and her behaviors started to change radically. She started to treat people better, not tell her lies anymore, and even started to change her friend group to include those that shared her faith. This, of course, included Janet because Janet had been raised in the faith.

Janet continued to do things that were not friendly nor kind to Elizabeth including asking her to lie for her while she did things against her parent's wishes and God's. Elizabeth felt wrong about this but with her teenage self-esteem could not bring herself to stand up for God, Janet's parents, or even herself. The relationship was slowly becoming very difficult for Elizabeth. She decided it was in her best interest to distance herself from Janet. Words were said, hostilities arose, and the relationship was tense at the very least.

For years, the two girls didn't really hang out and they went their separate ways, Elizabeth going to college and Janet going into the workforce. In their college years, they seem to make peace and came back together to be friends again. Elizabeth was looking forward to she and Janet making peace and starting to be adult friends where things would not be so dramatic. Guess what???!!! Janet had not changed. She still used Elizabeth and justified her wrong doing and even told everyone else everything Elizabeth said. Also, when Elizabeth confided her sins in Janet for accountability, Janet would bring them back in arguments so that she could shame Elizabeth about her sin life.

Finally....Elizabeth got wise. She had the experience of being burned and hurt by Janet. She even had the Knowledge about who Janet was and how she would always be...but it took a longer time for her to gain the good judgment to say enough is enough. Elizabeth asked Janet to no longer contact her. She gave her forgiveness and prayed for Janet that everything would be great in her life and gave her a word of blessing and decided that from that day forth...it would be okay to not have Janet as a friend. Janet wasn't a great friend and that was wisdom.

Does anyone read this and think of yourself? I'll give you a hint about his story...Elizabeth starts with an E for a reason...I was that girl that was hurt over and over by a friend and eventually gained wisdom. I believe that that piece of wisdom has aided in my life by helping me detect those people who are unsafe before they have a chance to injure me. I have some ranting to do about people who never gain wisdom.

The girl who continually gets cheated on by her boyfriend but never leaves....you have gained experience to know that man is a cheater. You have gained knowledge about his character...now gain some good judgment and MOVE ON. In your action, there lies the wisdom.

The person who always picks friends who are takers. Yes, it is okay to give to others but if these friends use you up...perhaps we should use our experience and knowledge to make good judgments and choose people who are better to us.

The Christian who continually goes down the same road of temptation and thinks that it will have a different outcome today. Use the experience and knowledge of the past to have the good judgment to choose differently today.

Am I reaching anyone out there....is there somewhere today you can use your experience and your knowledge to gain some wisdom and act differently.

As Jesus said...

"But Wisdom is proved right by her ACTIONS" -- emphasis mine :)

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