Saturday, January 07, 2012

The truth, the whole truth....

So tonight, I was talking with some girl-friends and we were talking about how difficult it is to be an honest person anymore. It seems like nobody really wants to hear the truth. I am the opposite. I like when the people in my life can be honest. I like when I can hear from a friend "Erica, you hurt my feelings" and make right on that problem. I was glad when I was dating when a guy would say outright to me, "I am not looking to get married, just have fun together." This made my decision making process so much easier. I could judge it against what my desires were and move on if appropriate.

I appreciated when I can trust what someone says to me. I know that most of my friends are incredibly honest people with truthful spirits. They are constantly in a position to make others feel safe and be trustworthy people. I appreciate that about the people I associate with. I like that they are so truthful it hurts sometimes and more importantly, truthful with themselves about how they really feel.

I have been getting to know some new people and it has disturbing to me that the girls I hang out with are very truthful and some men in their lives can't really handle that truth. They are both uninterested in being with this man, yet he creates fictions that make him feel better. Here are a few notes for you guys out there who just don't get it....

She's just not that into you if.....

1. She says she is just not into you.

2. She says you are like family or like a brother to her.

3. She appears to be physically repulsed when you make semi-sexual or blatantly sexual comments.

4. She describes the kind of man she is interested in and you don't fit even one of those descriptions.

5. She doesn't respond in any way but grossed out when you talk about your "abilities" in a romantic setting.

There are so many more but these seemed to be at the forefront of my mind tonight. It is important to be honest with others but it is just as important to take someone's honesty and see it as kindness and accept it.


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