Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Multiple Choice

Does everyone remember any Math class they had at all? I remember that although I have always been decent at Math, I really preferred when they would give our tests in a multiple choice format. You would have a problem in front of you and yes, you might have had to work it out on your own but there was something at the end of that problem waiting ....a set of answers...and in that set of answers, there was always the right one. Well, unless your teacher was a monster and did those NONE OF THE ABOVE ones and to that teacher, I do not have anything nice to say!

Now, you might be wondering where I am going with this since most of you reading this haven't been in a math class in quite some time. This post isn't about math in the least. It is about making decisions in life and choosing the right answer. I have found lately that I really do not know the right answers in my life. I have realized as well that it would be nice to have four choices from which to choose so that I could narrow down to the right choice. I have been thinking about making right choices and good judgments and I have come down to this...I have a system and it usually works for me. In saying that, I believe that every person has to come to their own system of making right choices and when something works, stick with it.

Now, before you get worried, I am not going to just toss out there the old saying "pray about it" because as an adult who makes decisions daily, it is not always easy to just pray and come up with a good answer. Although, I should note that is my first step of making good decisions because there is no replacement for the Holy Spirit in your life that is your guide. For those of you out there who do not practice Christianity, that doesn't mean you don't need help making healthy and good decisions so I thought I would throw out my strategy and let you dig through it for a bit.

Here is generally how I make decisions and USUALLY (emphasis very important) they turn out to be the right decision for myself, my family, and align well with my faith (the most important component of me!)

Step # 1:

Ask God what he thinks!

Now, as I mentioned above a few faith is incredibly important to me and guides much of my life. I believe that God's hand is in so many of the great things I now have and have done and when I was making some

really raunchy bad decisions.

Many of you reading this will say "Erica, how do you ask God about something and more importantly, how do you know what He says back to you?" Well...I can answer that fairly simply with a question back to you. Do you ever hear a voice in your head when you are doing something and there is a twinge in your spirit that says "This doesn't feel right." That, my friend is the Holy Spirit. Your gut is more important than any decision making tool I can give you or advise you to use. God planted that in us for a reason. It is to help us to make good decisions. Trust that gut.

Step #2:

Look at your priorities.

It is easier to make decisions in any situation if you know what your priorities are in life. For example, if you need to make a decision if you should take a job or is a great method to figure that out. Make a quick list of your top 3 priorities. In my case that is...

1. My relationship with God
2. My relationship with Anthony
3. My health (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, financial)

Now, look at the job opportunity and make sure this does not get in the way of these priorities, especially looking at the top two if it't walk away from this opportunity. I know that sometimes the answer does not seem that easy because you may need a new job or something but at the end of everything, you will find that it just isn't the right choice.

Step # 3:

This is the third and final step of making good decisions...MAKE ONE. The worst thing that I see people do is wait to make a decision until a decision is made for them. A good example is the idea that there is a really great vehicle for sale for your family at the nearby car lot. You pass it every day going to work. Your car is getting old and isn't really safe for the kids. You know that the car is in your price range because you have already figured out the financing and even made sure it fit in your family budget but you decide to wait a few weeks to make the decision. While you are waiting, another family has signed paperwork and drove your car off the lot. Sometimes things happen to us while we are waiting to make choices. I'm not saying to be impulsive but to prayerfully consider, weigh it out, and TAKE A STEP. No decision equals a decision that you have no choice in at all.

I hope you all make great choices today

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