Thursday, December 30, 2004

2004, a learning year

Hello everyone and it's almost 2005~ I am excited about it being 2005 because that is a starting over point. This year has been very hard for me although I have learned a lot. I am looking to find more learning in 2005 and perhaps a little more happiness. Here is what I am learning:

1. Everyone lies about Tattoos. They don't really hurt that badly.

2. You should never do something just because someone else wants you to but do what you want to do because you are only young once.

3. Don't worry about what others like about you...worry about what you like about you.

4. My friends from back in the day in Mitchell, might be the best friends I will ever have.

5. There is nothing better than seeing someone you haven't seen for years and knowing they are happy to see you.

6. There is much joy in having someone say "Gosh, Erica, you look great!" when you have lost a lot of weight.

7. Pictures in cowboy hats are always better than any others you do.

8. I would never get my nose pierced...britt got hers done and she has had a lot of issues with it. Looks cute though britt!

9. Meat lovers pizza at Pizza hut is great no matter what size it is in and feels better when you sneak it.

10. A handshake it way funnier than a high five.

11. My new saying is "Like it was my name!"

12. My friends don't tell me anything!

13. I am going to start backing off from boys...they are poison to me sometimes.

14. A tattoo starts to itch the 2nd day and here is a small suggestion..don't scratch in your will wake up crying! :(

15. Brittany really is the best friend I will EVER have. We have so much fun together.

16. I am really sad that Britt is growing up but pretty happy about it too because it means we are adults together.

17. There are times when the most unlikely things happen and you think..."What are the odds?"

18. Lawyers are awful people!

19. I like water so much better than soda.

20. Lubriderm sensitive skin lotion is the key to a great tattoo!

well, that's todays learning experiences. Pretty soon I will be posting my resolutions. I encourage all of you to make goals for 2005 and meet them. You won't be sorry!


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