Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Learning experiences in 2004 Continued

Hi everyone. I hope that yesterday's learning experiences taught you something new as they did me. Here are the next 20 learning experiences I had in 2004:

1. Never chase after a friendship that isn't two sided. It will exhaust you and cause you to be resentful when you just need to take a hint.

2. Go running at least once a day. There is much release in hearing your heels pound the pavement or sand. There is a giant endorphin release that makes you feel higher than any drug could ever do.

3. Be happy when your friends find love. They deserve it and their love could make you stand back and remember what it was like.

4. Love is beautiful. Remember those times where just hearing the word "Love" would make chills go up and down your spine. It can happen again and it will!

5. Never be afraid to wear a cowboy hat in public, it could just be the laugh that you need in the pit of despair.

6. Keep your friends close because you just never know when you will need to fall directly into their arms and always be close enough to catch them.

7. If your tire blows on the freeway, there is always a hero out there sporting a full black outfit and the sweetest smile that ever graced the planet to change the tire like he works for Nascar. (Thank you again Sweety)

8. The most surprising people will help you when you lose your job. They will give you more work to do to make money, call you and find out if you are ok, and have you wrap presents to keep from getting depressed!

9. The word Christian is not about a title, but about a way of life. The people who you think of as great Christians are the ones who will leave you in the trenches. The ones who you are not sure about, are the ones who wear the sweetest fruit!

10. There is absolutely nothing better than taking time in the morning to make yourself a great breakfast and take a walk before your day begins.

11. Allergies go away after years and years...I can drink Orange Juice now and I do almost every day!

12. A V-Tech engine is impressive and I think I want one! (thanks for the explanation friend)

13. I am not the biggest fan of the new mustang. It looks weird to me but I am sure it will grow on me after a while.

14. There is something to be said for almost owning your car and not wanting to enter into another loan. God always has his reasons for keeping you grounded.

15. One of the most attractive statements ever made to me could be "Would you like to come and see my new shifter knob?" I am a car nut and I love when people speak car lingo!

16. The faster ...the better....nuff said FORBES!

17. Dishes are so much easier if you do them immediately. (kinda common knowledge but I am learning more and more every day)

18. Taking a cat to the vet is one of the most horrendous tasks of being a pet owner. I have decided not to have a cat when I "grow up."

19. The more stress that you allow on yourself, your brain will push other things out like things you are supposed to remember like birthdays, payments to be made, etc...

20. My hair is all colors, all lengths, and all textures and can be found in any room in the house and therefore I am suspected to be a vixen! :)

Ok, there are some silly learning experiences but learning experiences nonetheless. I love you all and I'll keep them coming! ~Shalom~

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