Monday, December 20, 2004

learning experiences in 2004

Good afternoon everyone. I wrote earlier today and wrote about resolutions and how they would be coming soon. First of all I want to take the time to talk about what I have learned this year. I think 2004 was the biggest learning experience of my life thus far..therefore ...I need to dwell on it for a bit and think through some of the learning experiences I have had. I wanted to share this with you over the next few days and make this an ongoing thing...until 2005. I will be making my resolutions as the days progess and posting them before the new year.

Things I have learned in 2004:

1. Never drink 24 shots of anything ...ever! Drinking alcohol can be a very pleasant experience and the taste is great but doing anything to excess can make you do stupid things and say even more stupid things.

2. Take at least 2 weeks to make a very vital decision. Take the time to be alone and think things through. Never make a rash decision especially when you are dealing with someone elses heart.

3. Always be careful when leaving someone behind in your life. You never know what they may do in response to your leaving. Always make sure you know what they meant to you and develop a new type of relationship with them as you leave.

4. Never be afraid to spend money on someone you love. If it's their birthday go all out. Take them to a comedy show, buy them lots of presents, and eat chocolate covered strawberries with them as much as you can. Show them you love them by always surprising them. Never worry about $$$ when it comes to love!

5. Don't trust anyone that has gossiped to you before. Always confide in people who can be trusted and disclosing less is much wiser than disclosing more!

6. Enjoy the big moments in life like walking in to Pomp and Circumstance on your graduation day. Remember all of the sights, sounds, and smells of a great moment. Remember what it felt like to hold hands with a man you love and take a theatrical bow at your shared success.

7. On the biggest times in life, spend them with people who care about you. Spend them with the man who got you through college, the woman who gave you life, and the man who makes your heart skip a beat! Spend them with friends who bring you flowers even though they aren't your boyfriend and friends who hold your heart when it's breaking!

8. Being alone has it's own merit. Do things alone that you want to do but noone else agrees to. Read a great book, go alphabetically through your dvds, take a run, clean and organize, write in your journal, go to the park and eat lunch, cry about how much you love someone, grieve, do all of the things that come naturally alone. Don't ever regret or resent alone time but BASK in it!

9. Grieve things thoroughly. Don't ignore the fact that there are several stages to grief. There is more to be done and time to do it in. Take the time to cry about your losses but take the time to laugh at your memories!

10. Never assume just because you are toting a cart and walking 10 feet away from a vehicle that they can't plow you down! People are NOT must!

11. When you get plowed down by an SUV, use that as an excuse to slow down. Let the road rash heal, let the knee slowly regain it's posture, and let your dignity come back naturally!

12. When leaving a friend's house late at night, pay attention to the road. There is someone out there either drinking or more tired than you are who is perfectly willing to take your headlight out.

13. A car is a car. It can be fixed and it's worth way less than your life. Cavie forgives you!

14. Dating is a wonderful thing if you date the people that you don't feel you are settling for. If you feel you are settling in the slightest sense...YOU ARE! They won't disappoint. They will take all they can from you and leave you empty.

15. Never try to date someone else seriously when you love someone so much. Love someone with all you have and believe in it. Nothing else is as beautiful as love itself!

16. Virginity(in every sense) is crucial and spiritual. It is a beautiful thing and cannot be competed with.

17. There is no better feeling than looking at the face of your little sister when you surprise her by making her school play!

18. There is not much better than watching your little sister be a star at everything she does! (so proud of you my love)

19. The feeling of having a holiday with both of my parents can not EVER be described in words.

20. Confronting someone about something horrible they have done is not rewarding to you,...but rather the best thing you can do ..for them!

There are the first 20 things I have learned in 2004. I have a grip of things to add and I thought I would stop and let you all know that you had a great part in a lot of these learning experiences. It is wonderful to have you all in my life and you know which numbers you played a part in! There are more to come and I'll email with info so you can see these yourself! Have a beautiful day and take this opportunity to think of the things you have learned this year! ~Shalom~

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