Saturday, December 25, 2004

Learning still....2004

First of all Merry Christmas everyone. I hope this Christmas finds you all doing marvelous. I am having a beautiful day with my family. My mommas cooking is amazing and I got a new cd that I wanted. I have learned so much this year and although I have struggled much, I have also had a lot of joy. I love you all dearly and wish I could have gotten you all your greatest wish. Here is what I have learned in 2004 again:

1. White Christmas is still my favorite Christmas movie and it still makes me tear up a little thinking of my grandma!

2. Turkey is only wonderful when my mommy makes it!

3. Getting up at 5:00 in the morning and talking with my big sister is inevitable when we both catch a germ from the pentecostals that cursed us.

4. There are people in high school that will do things to you and they WILL remember later when they run into the supermarket. (Hill, this was so funny)

5. The Amish make the best peanut brittle

6. Never pack a cowboy hat in your luggage, they broke my favorite hat! :(

7. Peanut butter is better out of the jar and only when it's Jif Creamy!

8. An Eckrich hot dog is better than any hot dog on the planet. I wish California would carry them.

9. There is nothing Brittany Hates more than stuffing.

10. Snow is pretty when you are inside and doesn't feel good when it freezes your nose hair.

11. It takes approximately 6 tries to get a Mercury Cougar into the driveway full of snow.

12. Don't give people brooms in Ace Hardware to ride just because they are being a will get mad.

13. There is a tree in Indiana that has two bushes on each side that are lit up and look like a part of the male anatomy. Use your imagination.

14. Men will stare at you even if you think they are repulsive and know about their STD's

15. Embalming should not be a qualification you list if you want to date someone. Do not take your family to Chastains. ;)

16. There is a noise that comes out of Britt that sounds almost exactly like a duck.

17. A book and some perfume can make your mom happy for Christmas!

18. Your best friends will call you on Christmas Eve and tell you Merry Christmas. I love you "Joshie"

19. That drama queen movie with Lindsey Lohan is even worse the second time.

20. Denny's is the best breakfast in the world after a 4.5 hour plane ride! :)

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