Monday, December 27, 2004

Learning like it's my job...2004

Hello everyone. I am still learning tons in the last couple of days of 2004. I am still in the frozen tundra of Indiana and it's freezing here. The snow is about 2 feet on the ground and it's incredibly hard to get anywhere unless you have a 4 wheel drive. Luckily my dad has an explorer so that has been the basis of most of my traveling. Ok, well here is what I am learning in 2004:

1. Pepper will only take so much and then he will hiss at me and want me to die a horrible death.

2. Mexican Wedding Cake is my favorite cookie (poofernussy)

3. Arby's is still my favorite fast food.

4. Questions directed in the right sense will tell you everything you need to know about someone!

5. A C magnet will properly adjust to create a U magnet.

6. Extreme Makeover Home Edition makes me cry.

7. Turkey makes me pass doubt about it.

8. I laugh a lot in my sleep.

9. My dad's cats should be made into scarves and soup. They are the most annoying creatures that ever graced the planet

10. My pants get tighter the longer I am in Indiana.

11. I love my Adidas running pants.

12. I miss my California people when I don't get to see them.

13. I really don't like when someone calls me "California Chick" and assumes that I have all the time in the world to go to the beach and actually swim.

14. I hate when people say "Man, you can tell you drive in California!"

15. Christmas is a sad time when your family is struggling and you are too!

16. There is a ornament from the Hallmark Collection that is Yertle the Turtle and I love it!

17. No matter how much time passes, what you do, or how much you pretend they arent...Crazy people..stay crazy! (not a sentence for a psychology major to ever say!)

18. In Indiana, there is an "R" in the word wash. (I need to get some more windshield WARSHER fluid)

19. Indiana people still think it's ok to decorate their tree in John Deere ornaments.

20. There is a new redneck dictionary word or phrase "A pair" like....I had to go a pair and see my folks for Christmas"

Ok, there are my learning experiences for today. Hope you enjoyed! ~Shalom~

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