Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Learning is great fun...2004

Hello everyone. Another day of great learning experiences. I had an interesting day today already and some of the learning experiences come from there. Here are some of them:

1. If you blow a tire on the side of Highway 37, you better hope you have a great friend named Jarrid to come and help you out :)

2. Pictures are so fun to do and they can really get you out of a funky mood after a blown tire.

3. A cowboy hat looks good on most boys.

4. There are crazy people in my life and it's not just me, they are CRAZY!

5. There is absolutely nothing to do in Indiana when you don't have a car and there is 2 feet of snow on the ground.

6. Fudge tastes great by the pan!!

7. My teenage mutant ninja turtle slippers are HOT!

8. Confidence and intelligence are the 2 hottest characteristics of any I know.

9. My new friends in my life are great!

10. I really love a great set of lips!

11. Solitude is great and I need to find a way to appreciate it.

12. When you hide things from others, even when you have been asked to, they will most likely be mad at you... when it all comes out.

13. I love persimmon pudding and crave it every time I am home.

14. My little sister has interesting gag reflexes.

15. Hilliary's "goth" make-up shade is exactly the color of my face...how sad :(

16. There are these new socks that feel like you are walking in Jell-o. They feel so good on your feet.

17. It takes several days for me to get over my broken cowboy hat.

18. There is a place in my hair that sticks up when I am getting my picture taken

19. I need to exercise or I might go crazy

20. I hate being indoors after only 1 day!!!!!

Ok, I am going to go and work on my New Year's resolutions now since I am stuck in Indiana ...home bound and bored out of my stinkin mind. Thanks for stopping in and keep learning! ~Shalom~

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