Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Are we done yet?

Anthony and I watched "Are we done yet" with Ice Cube the other night and it was pretty funny and a good moral to the movie. I like family movies because I don't have to think too much or feel awkward due to language or content. I try not to put junk in so junk won't come out. I noticed that the movie made my anxiety come up a little bit because things keep going wrong for the main character but after talking through it myself and noticing, I stopped worrying and started laughing. I think it's so sad that for me it is a process to actually enjoy a movie and not take on the anxiety of the characters. I don't know if this makes any sense or if I sound enormously crazy!

Yesterday I decided to talk to a close friend about the struggles I was having with anxiety. He is a strong man of God and a great friend to me so we talked about my lack of trust for God in most areas of my life. This is something I want so badly is to be completely trusting in God and his power in my life so today I started by just taking the time to pray about things that bother me even slightly. I noticed it first during breakfast. I know that is crazy but I worry so much about my health with diabetes and so I just began to pray about the food going into my body and doing what it should. Most girls worry about calories but I worry about my internal organs.

It's completely overwhelming the problem I have with anxiety so I just started taking it one bite at a time lately. It's been so much easier when I do it that way. Tonight I start back to school and I have two classes and I have some stress and worry. I am determined to let God take these worries and make them his own. Thanks for stopping in! Have a lovely day!

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