Friday, January 02, 2009

Rachel, my new friend.

So this year is going to be all about doing the things I love and being honest about them. Sometimes I don't do all the things I love because I try to do too much that I don't love. Well, I love to cook! I have been watching Rachel Ray pretty religiously for a few months and her recipes are always winners in my house. Tonight I am making something called a Ham & Cheese Strata. It's a recipe that Rachel showed using leftover ham and we have quite a bit of that from our New Years Dinner. If you want to check out what is in this little beauty than check out Ham & Cheese Strata on Rach's Website

I am working very hard on doing things I love and taking in each experience as I have them. I love cooking for my husband and other loved ones and seeing them smile and say "MMMM" That is very powerful for me and gives me what I need in my day. Well, I am off to clean my house. There are plenty of Christmas Decorations to be stored, dishes to be washed, and laundry to be sorted. I pray that you have a gorgeous January 2nd and that you do things that you love!


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KNJ said...

I love Rachel Ray... I really wish I could watch her more often, but my TV is mainly devoted to Pooh Bear and Wall-E lately - hee hee. I just printed something of her's from another blogger and am excited to use her idea tomorrow for a couple of cakes I'm making.

Anyway, just wanted you to know I've been keeping up with you on both of your blogs and am so excited for how happy you are as a wife (and soon to be mother, too!). I remember Jeremiah and my first holidays together - there is nothing like it... spending the most cherished days with your most cherished ones. It only gets better and better with kiddos.

This year, the kids and I baked and decorated holiday cookies, almost built a gingerbread house, did a ton of Christmas light looking, and started new traditions that I am happy to say illuminate the actual reason for the season.

Happy New year and I pray you are blessed in your resolutions!