Monday, January 19, 2009

Everything in moderation

Last night Anthony and I had a great date night and it was so peaceful, enjoyable, and romantic. I'll spare you the details of that but I wanted to talk about how we did things different last night. We decided to share our dinner and enjoy a night out without feeling badly about what we ate or how much we paid. We went to Olive garden and shared an appetizer and then got one dinner and shared it as well. It was nice to know that we were eating the same thing, enjoying the same atmosphere, and working together to be healthier and more frugal. It was nice to go out on a date and pay less than $25.00. We hardly ever go out because dining out costs more than our budget allows but we were given a gift card for Christmas that served us well last night.

There were a couple of things that may sound corny but that I learned last night while out with my husband.

1. Food tastes better when you truly appreciate it.

2. Food also tastes better when you don't have to go broke to eat it.

3. Food tastes better when you don't overstuff yourselves

4. Everything is better when I'm with Anthony and relaxed.

Lately I have worked really hard to relax and enjoy every moment of life, and it has been easily the best month of my life. Things are high stress right now but I will not allow it to overtake me and steal precious moments like date night with my husband.

Just like I titled this post, everything in moderation, except for happiness!

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