Friday, July 08, 2005

Get your # 2 pencil, it's multiple choice

Remember in school when you had to have a scantron form to do a test? If you don't remember that,'re much older than myself. Anyway, today I was thinking about choices. We have entirely too many choices in this world to be honest. I came to my topic today when I decided to venture out this morning to get breakfast. I really wanted some breakfast and I didn't want to cook so I decided to drive into Costa Mesa and get some. I got onto the 55 south and planned to take Fair drive. When I exited to the 55 south (If you are in Indiana..don't worry this isn't a math problem) I noticed that the traffic was backed up throughout the entire ramp. I sat on the off ramp for literally 25 minutes and finally made it to the Fair Drive exit and probably listened to way too many sappy love songs on Coast 103.5!

I was thinking about choices. I had the choice to either go 55 south or 405 north to get to my destination and I chose the 55. This ended up being a bad choice. I had the choice to listen to a ton of different radio stations and I kept flicking back between 95.9 the Fish, Coast 103.5, and 100.3 the beat. The people around me had a choice to pick any color Mercedes Benz that their heart desired. Most of them looked to choose black. I chose silver for my Mercedes ...or cavalier..whichever you prefer to call it. :) I had the choice to get a bacon/egg/cheese biscuit or a sausage/egg/cheese biscuit. The choices are endless. McDonalds even lets you choose apple dippers now! What will those crazy people think of next?!

Anyway, as I sat in bumper to bumper O.C traffic, I thought to myself about the many choices I have made in my life and how they affected where I ended up. This morning, my decision to choose the 55 freeway, led me to sit forever on an on-ramp and kept me from doing stuff I needed to get done. What have some of my choices kept me from in the past? I don't know but..who cares? I have come to the conclusion today that choices are just that..choices..they can't be undone. I chose to get on that freeway and I lost 30 what???!!!!! I mean, should I lose another hour of time griping about how I was stuck in traffic ..NO! I chose to do what any woman trying to seize the moment would do, I listened to music, sang at the top of my lungs and used the time to fantasize. I admit it, I fantasize!

I thought about my future man and what he will look like. I then got off on a rabbit trail as I thought about Freddie Prinze Jr for a bit. Yeah, I know..I am dreaming for sure! I thought about things so long that I didn't even realize how long it was taking to get to my destination. Today, this brings me to the point. I am having a hard time right now not wanting everything in my life to happen NOW. I have the choice of sitting in the "traffic" and finding something to do with it or griping about it and just viewing it as another bad choice!

Have a great day everyone and make good choices today!


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