Thursday, July 07, 2005

My own little labor dispute.

I first of all wanted to remind you all to pray today for the people in London who are fearing for their lives or who have lost loved ones in the tragic terrorist attack this morning. My friends, Heather and Josh were in London last semester and I was very grateful today that they were in the United States where I could reach them to know they are ok. I am really sad for the people that were affected by this, this morning. Onto the post...

Do any of you watch Hockey? I should note Hockey is my favorite sport to watch in person. I am a huge fan of the Los Angeles Kings and my second team is the Colorado Avalanche. I am not sure how many of you actually keep up with the NHL but they didn't have a season due to a labor dispute. Basically it's a deal in the works for getting the players to agree to salaries and the League to agree to benefits and you know..politics.

Today I read a report that they were really getting close to a deal and first of all, I was so excited because that means I can get back to Staples and see my Kings beat the ducks! I next thought of how stupid this all is and how we should just stop fighting and realize what the public is missing by this stupid labor dispute. I then began to try to find the lesson here. The lesson is, that I am basically always in some sort of labor dispute. I am always arguing with myself about something instead of just getting productive and putting out a stinkin game. There are lots of people in my life who would really like me to stop whining about the benefits and pay and just live so they can watch the game. Are you catching on to this?

Today I am going to say it loud and clear. It's stupid to complain about that which you can't control and noone is budging on. How about we all realize that there are things that we can't control and times we will not get our way. It should never keep us from playing the game (fulfilling God's purpose) that we are good at. There is a lot to say for just doing your job/purpose and letting the details work themselves out. I have been in a labor dispute for too long and it's making me lose entire seasons of my life. I am ready for two stop fighting God and just allow my life to happen while I wait on what he wants and...two..for the Kings to get back on the ice! I miss making those stupid ducks cry! :)

Today, I also wanted to just write a little note to my friend Brooke and let her know I am loving and thinking about her. Her grandfather passed away on Tuesday and today she let me know and I am really very sad for her family. I hope that you all will agree with me to pray for Brooke and her family as well as those injured or affected by today's news. Have a great day everyone and I love you all dearly and I am praying!


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