Saturday, July 09, 2005

To Dance With my Father

Today I sit in saddness as I read the article about Luther Vandross' funeral service. I am a huge fan of Mr. Vandross and was practically moved to tears watching his funeral coverage on television yesterday. I really viewed it as a time of rejoicing and a great look at what his life was about. Many great stars were in the pews watching the ceremony and it took my breath away to think of how short Luther's life was and how amazing his career was. If you are a Luther fan at all, you know that his most recent hit was a song called "Dance with my Father" which was about his own father who passed away when he was young. I truly believe that Luther was given the opportunity to Dance with his Father again! Today, I decided that would be a good segway into a topic for the blog.

I was thinking about what it will be like to finally be done with this world. Often times, I get so frustrated because I can't follow God as wonderfully as I would like to. I fall on my face daily doing stupid things that aren't good for me. I know them when the light of day comes but in the moment I forget whose daughter I am. I forget the enormous impact I have on people and their walks. I forget that I am bought with a price and that I should be living for HIM!

To dance with my father would mean the world to me. I think that often times we forget that there will come a day where we will get to spend time in our father's company. I look forward to that day because then and only then, I will never hurt him again. Every single day I make HUGE mistakes. I hurt people, hurt myself, sin, and do numerous other random acts of idiocy and in the end,...he still loves me and wants the next dance with me!

I look over my short life and realize that like could end soon. I need to take time to realize that the destination is the dance with my father. I hope you are all doing well today and recovering from your week with a great weekend. Much love to you all!


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