Friday, July 15, 2005

Winston and other great thinkers

Today when you logged on, you probably thought, oh Erica is going to talk about Winston Churchill. I am sorry to disappoint you but today I am going to talk briefly about Winston McCall. He is a simple being with few needs. You see, he's a beagle. Josh's dog Winston is literally my favorite dog that ever was. He is so chill and laid back. Yesterday while I spent my day soaking up relaxation, I spent the entire day with Winston. He really is a great example of how vacation should be. Everywhere in the house that I ventured, you would find him laying there just to be in my presence. Winston mostly spends his afternoons alone since everyone in the McCall household works. This week, he is enjoying my company as I am his. Its teaching me how to truly relax.

Yesterday was a lot of fun. I went in the afternoon and watched Josh play indoor soccer with Hannah which was really nice. I love to watch Josh play and Hannah is good company. We talked while he played and had a good time. Later in the evening we met up with Dan and we went to Downtown Denver. We stopped in a few places like Coyote Ugly and Lucky Strike before heading to Hard Rock Cafe for some grub. It was a good night overall and I am learning things which I plan to share with the blog when I get back to Cali. I hope you all are well and I love you tons!

Here is a great picture of Winston by the way! Enjoy!

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