Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The 3 kinds of love...and how to do it!

Good Morning everyone! I hope this Wednesday finds you all doing well. I, myself, am working hard on multiples tasks and feel a bit overwhelmed. I am trying to keep my focus on God right now and realize that some things are just beyond my control. I wanted to first of all update you all on my boulders today. I have been working really hard to seperate emotionally from my family. I know this sounds like a bad thing but I assure you, it isn't. I need to stop being so dependent upon my family when they can't be depended on.

I have taken steps to stop talking on the phone with them so much, stop telling them everything, and stop caring about their opinions or input regarding things that they don't really understand. I have also been working on the attention matter but I have found this week that it is going to be one of the hardest tasks for me. On the eating issue...I have been doing mediocre. I have been binging a little on things that aren't good for me (fast food, donuts, etc..) which is really not ideal. I have been limiting my intake and the times I eat but it's so hard for me to understand.

I took my shots on Monday faithfully but Tuesday I didn't. Today I am hoping to be more on top of it. I know it takes time and it's one day at a time and one step at a time. I am so frustrated with my life being a constant struggle. I know what I need to do sometimes and I just don't do it. I know that a lot of people have a struggle like this in their lives. As for weight loss, I haven't really been focusing on it this week because I am so tired and having such a hard time with shots and eating. I am hoping to be more focused on that next week.

Today's title is the 3 kinds of love and how to do it because I was reading about the kinds of love today. There are 3 distinct kinds of love and they are:

1. Eros
2. Phileo
3. Agape

I will now explain to you what these kinds of love are and how you can do them because I think it's important to understand love since it is quoted as the most important thing in the walk with Christ.

Eros-- Eros love is erotic or physical love. It is touch, sex, etc... I know that it isn't customary to speak about sexuality and godliness in the same blog. Well, I am today! God created sex and I have a very strong opinion about it. I know that God made it to be pleasurable and to create new life. He also created it to bond a man and a his wife together. This is the kind of love that must be in a marriage relationship and really strengthens the bonds of marriage.

Phileo -- This is brotherly love. This love is present with friends, family, etc.. It is the kind of love where you are good to each other and support each other in life. I have many people in my life that I love this way and you all are a piece of that. This is a friendship love and is also present in marriage obviously.

Agape-- This is the most perfect love there is. This is the love that God has for you, his child. This is a love that expects nothing in return. This is a love that is not based upon emotion but upon will. I think about this towards SOME people in my life. I work very hard to love them with Agape love.

It's hard sometimes to always love with Agape love. If we could do it, we wouldn't really need God. To love correctly we need to stop making it about us first of all. When it is about what we can get back from the other person, we are not really loving them correctly. We, second of all, need to stop loving with emotion. In other words, we need to realize that even if someone messes up and we don't get the "warm and fuzzies" the love should still be there.

Love is a very important topic and because I read about it today I thought I would share with you. I hope all of you are doing your best to love each other and today, I am hoping I can show better Phileo love and Agape love to the people in my life. I am going to keep that Eros out of the question for a while though ;)

Have a great day ya'll and I love you! (TRULY)


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