Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Matchmaker Matchmaker make me a match

Have any of you wandered onto or any of these other dating sites? Yeah, well...I have. After speaking with someone yesterday who signed up on for fun, I wanted to see what it all was about. I signed up and put up pictures and everything and it's so funny how we think that this might bring us love. I was thinking about it and you know..God can do what he wants and I certainly COULD meet the man of my dreams on here but you know...I was thinking about it on a grander scale.

We are all searching for love and connection with another human being. We all long for this relationship of absolute happiness, contentment, and attachment. I was thinking about how it is absolutely out of the question to be single and love it. I was also thinking about the first book of the Bible (Genesis for those of you who are biblically challenged) and how God even says's not good for man to be alone. I think this is true. I think we are people of relationship! I think we are creatures that really do require connection with other creatures. Some of us find that in our friends, pets, dates, husbands, wives etc... but overall we all crave connection.

In saying that, I am just praying that God will help me get through the waiting time that is needed for the man he has for me. I know that my desire to be connected is NOT going away and although I would like to be content single..I will never be as my dream is to be a wife and mother. I am just praying that I will get better quickly so I am ready for him. I would appreciate your prayers and thanks for your friendship as it truly meets my needs for connection! :)


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