Thursday, June 30, 2005

Character NOT Comfort

Today's title is Character NOT Comfort because that is what God is building in me. Lately I have been in the most godly of places yet the most uncomfortable of places. I haven't really had any friends around and have had my share of drama and pain. I have learned not to be in the midst of drama and thefore have eliminated a lot of it from my life. I have chosen, just recently, to live my life for Jesus Christ in every aspect. This has not been comfy in the least. This has been a character-forming experience.

For most, if not all, of my life I have lived for Erica. I have chosen to sin to get my way. I have chosen the easiest and widest path that has no bumps or hills to climb. I have chosen the easiest and comfortable way to almost everything. If it was a relationship, I would lie and manipulate to get someone to feel a certain way about me. If it was a health decision, I would do what was easy, comfortable, and least painful in my life. I have proven to be a huge hedonist until now. (A Hedonist is one who does anything to cause pleasure and avoid pain.)

My life in the last 2 years has been remade. I have chosen the hard and narrow way which is very difficult but always yields the best results. Today, I am living for Jesus. I am living for my faith and my spiritual health. I know that the things I am choosing are the best things for me, but character is being tested. Please keep praying for me and also, remember to strive for character not comfort!


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