Thursday, April 14, 2005

At last, I feel you!

Good evening everyone. I hope all is well in your world. Mine is getting better by the moment. Today started out being a bad day and moved to one of the best I have had lately. This morning I woke up and I was in such pain I could barely stand it. In case I haven't stated this before, I have had a kidney infection for the last 4 months and haven't had health insurance to do anything about it. This morning, it had me in serious pain. I went ahead with my breakfast, getting Chris to school, and drove to work routine. When I got there, my co-worker Betsy asked me how I was. I said happily that I had made it through another night with no binging and after talking about that for a few minutes I told her how much pain I was in. She suggested I go down to a clinic in the Laguna Beach area that would take me for virtually nothing out of pocket. I agreed to go and said I would be back when I was done. I left there at 9:15 arriving at the doctor's office at 9:30. I didn't leave the doctor's until 12:30. Yes, it was a long 3 hours.

I waited in a very cramped office for what seemed like days around people that couldn't speak English. I believe I was one of the three who could actually speak it anyway. I finally was called and ushered back to a room and they took my vitals and everything seemed ok. I began to give my symptoms to the nurse practioner and of course I had to fill a cup with my problem! :) It immediately came back that I had an acute kidney infection. As if I didn't know that! We started to talk about the fact that I am diabetic and that I haven't had the opportunity to buy medication. She was worried about that and intervened with some ideas. We also realized that my pancreas is working. This is the greatest news I have gotten in years. Losing weight has made my pancreas start working and now I most likely won't need insulin injections but will be able to take oral medication! Do you know how good this is????!!!!!

I am so blessed right now to have medication for both my kidney infection and diabetes...for free. I was able to get some care for only $14.00 and I am just so happy that God was there. My title today is "At last, I feel you!" because it's been a long time of searching and lamenting before God to feel him in my life. I have worked really hard to try to stay true to my faith recently and it's hard because those valleys are just brutal. I am looking forward to seeing God move and I know that sometimes, he is there in the quiet storms and not in the triumphs. Today I am happy to say...HE was there in the triumph! Praise Him people...I am getting better!

Well, thanks for stopping in today and I am really sorry I have gotten out of the practice of blogging. It's so important to me and I will get back on top of it when I am in the zone of getting accustomed to my schedule. Have a beautiful day!

Learning April 14, 2005:

1. God is always hearing me even when I feel unheard.

2. There are options out there to make sure you are taken care of.

3. Again I learn to ASK for help.

4. People really love me in my life.

5. I am so incredibly blessed!

Thankfulness April 14, 2005:

I think it's pretty clear today what I am thankful for. God is so incredibly good! Thank you for your prayers!


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