Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Learning Curve

Again, God is teaching me about my character with every new day. Today I have learned at many turns the unique concept of the learning curve. When I refer to the learning curve, I am talking about the period of time it takes to learn something and understand it. I am in a new job and learning new things every day. For once in my life, I am giving myself the time and patience to learn things and really grasp them. I am asking questions and trying my best and it makes me feel like I have reached a new place of acceptance in my non-perfect world.

The other big news of the day is that I got to talk to my boy in London. Two of my nearest and dearest friends went to study abroad in London this semester and I have not been able to talk to them a whole lot for obvious reasons. Josh and Heather are enjoying their time there and it's a priceless opportunity. Either way, I miss them greatly. Today I got to speak with both of them on the phone. Heather and I are very close and were roommates in college and Josh is one of my best guy friends!

Joshua has been a precious precious part of my life (precious is there twice on purpose) and I miss him so much. We have so much in common and truly understand each other. There is a love there that no one could deny! I miss you sweety and can't wait to come and visit you in Colorado this summer!

I am trying to head out this summer to Colorado where Josh is originally from and visit him. I am so excited about spending time with him again and really enjoying the many facets of Josh. I don't have a whole lot of time to write today or most weekdays but wanted to stop in and keep the blog updated on my learning and emotional maturation! I am growing people and God is moving!

Learning April 5, 2005:

1. Mixing dairy products and meat is against kosher laws along with no bottom feeding animals.
(Something I basically knew but confirmed)

2. Jewish people are not supposed to get tattoos or plastic surgery...ooops!

3. God does everything for a reason! BOY DOES HE!!!!

4. My life has never been so peaceful!

5. I love God more every single day!

Thankfulness April 5, 2005:

I am thankful that God gave me a chance to speak with a new female friend at length yesterday and we were able to share our struggles and bond a little. I am looking forward to getting together with her and having some serious girl-talk time. I need that in my life and God has blessed me with her. Thanks for a great talk Charity!


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