Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Learning more about me!

Hi everyone and welcome to Tuesday's with Erica! :) How are you all today? If we haven't talked for a while, give me a call or write me an email and let me know how life is! Today has been another beautiful day with God's amazing grace surrounding me. I am learning more about God's character and more about my own character today and I am happy about the things I am learning. Today was my second day at my new job and I was trusted with some new tasks and I am excited about learning more and more and becoming proficient at my job. I am all about advancing and getting to know all that I can. I really admire the two ladies I work with and how hard they work to create a successful business. Their work ethic astounds me. They are both Jewish though, do the math! :) GO JEWS!

Because both of these women are Jewish, it's giving me an opportunity to delve into my ethnicity a bit and learn more about my history. If you all weren't aware, I am half Jewish. It's a fact that I wasn't aware of for most of my life but has been something I am interested in getting to know about just recently. It is kind of a fluke that both of these women would be Jewish and would actually practice so I can see it the way it is. I am obviously a Christian by religion but that doesn't leave my mind closed to learning more about Judiasm as a whole.

This morning I got up and worked out again and then taught Christopher how to make breakfast and did a great job at my work today staying honest and faithful to God. I am really trying to spend my daily time in God's presence as well as spending my daily time in physical exercise. I have many goals for myself and those goals are important to achieve very soon. Last night after piano I headed to the gym for an upper body workout which completely whipped me. I was so tired last night when I got home. I spent about an hour in prayer at Balboa and came home to read a little to wind down for the night.

I am really trying to focus on priorities right now. It's hard to keep your eyes on the Father and focus on the things you are being led to work on and not look around you waiting on the things you want so much. Right now the big desires of my heart are weight loss, romantic love, and emotional freedom. I know that all three of those take much time and patience and I will soon enough be given them, in God's perfect time. I will also need to be working on those things every single day and facing the truths that come with them.

Well, I should get to doing some other tasks on my agenda today but I wanted to report that I am well and that God is doing amazing things in me. Hoping to catch up on some phone calls this weekend. Josh, if you are reading this, it was so great to hear your voice on my voicemail all the way from London! :) So happy about that!

I hope you all have a great Tuesday evening and I love you all dearly. Please keep praying for relationships in my life and success with weight loss endeavors.

Learning April 4, 2005:

1. Grief is shared by all at one time or another.

2. My weight loss sucess really is amazing to people outside of me.

3. Betsy and Irene are wonderful women.

4. It is really hard to get health insurance if you have ever had any health problems! :(

5. Blue Cross and Blue Shield basically own doctors! ;)

Thankfulness April 4, 2005:

I am thankful that I have a new job and I really like it. I am thankful for Irene and Betsy and their sweet spirits and character. I am thankful that I work with two strong, faithful, Jewish women who can teach me more about my history. I am thankful that I work in the health insurance industry and might be able to figure it out for myself. I am thankful that God intervened and made my income large enough to take care of my financial obligations. God, you are so good!


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