Sunday, April 17, 2005

God of Wonders

Hello and happy Sunday everyone. Please pray for me to find some time next weekend for meetings and church because my weekend was hectic. Yesterday I took Joel out for his birthday which was super fun and I will be loading pictures onto my web-site soon. I had so much fun with him and as always he was stunning. He came over to my house and got his presents first which were 2 cds that I personally made him, an engraved flask that said "Joel Forbes.. Just the way you are" and as few of you know, I wrote him a novel about him. It was really heartfelt and from what I saw, he was touched.

We went out to 21 Oceanfront and had dinner which was amazing and just filled with class. We had a great bottle of wine, delicious dinner, shared a great dessert, and topped it off with a shot of Johnny Walker Blue Label scotch. Overall, the perfect dinner. We also spent most of the night either walking on the beach or talking at my house. It was great and I felt like we grew a little. I learned new things about him and I am so grateful for being able to spend time with him.

Today is a huge day for me as this is my first week of clean living. I haven't binged since last Saturday. I have been doing so well. My OA birthday is April 10th so I am doing really well. I have been eating so well and obeying my abstinence foods. I am also taking diabetic medication and testing my blood sugar again. God is so good to heal me every single day and make me a really healthy woman. I am beginning to see the woman he does in me.

Well, I should get going because Desperate Housewives is on and yes, I watch it. Have a great day everyone and I love you all. Thanks for stopping in!

Learning April 17, 2005:

1. I learned that Joel took piano, drums, and guitar lessons before!

2. I learned that Joel is so fun to hang out with when I am not focused on being scared of him.

3. Johnny Walker Blue Label is good!

4. I love my life.

5. Pictures are one of my favorite things in life. (check into the web-page soon for pics)

Thankfulness April 17, 2005:

I think it's obvious what I am thankful for. I love Joel and I loved spending time with him. I am so blessed to have spent my last evening with him and learned him further. God is amazing to me.


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