Friday, April 01, 2005

It's April ..Resolutions update time!

Happy Friday afternoon everyone and Happy April Fools Day. If Adolfo and I had stayed together, we would be together for 7 years today. Isn't that crazy? It's amazing how my life has changed this past year. Today is the first of the month so that means I am going to update my resolutions and talk about them a little bit. It's my practice to do this once a month at the first of the month so I don't drop my resolutions this year. Some of my resolutions have proven to be unrealistic, some are already finished, and some are being put off another year or something depending on the nature of them. Here is an udpate and thank you for caring about my progress...

1. Lose the rest of my weight: This is always my most frustrating goal to update. I have better news this month but either way, I am having a hard time still. I still see a problem with my giant overeating problem. I have actually considered joining overeaters anonymous as of late. My starting weight in the new year was 240 lbs and I am now at 236 lbs which is a loss of 4 lbs in March. This isn't bad but it's not good for being 4 months into the new year. My new idea is to more focus on getting healthy and strong and not so much focus on the number. I have started a regular workout schedule of every other day so I am not burnt out. I am doing cardio and weight training and trying to be more active on a daily basis. I see eating as the greatest challenge and need to start being more controlled.

2. Decide where to go to Grad School and apply to all schools considered: I am not doing this after much thought. I am not quite ready emotionally for grad school and really not ready financially as I am really in need of paying some bills down and rethinking some strategies. Overall, this resolution will be dropped from the list!

3. Get into a graduate school in a clinical psych program: This is another one that obviously doesn't apply anymore. I made my decision in February that it just wasn't time as well as rethinking some of my plans. I am gearing toward changing some ideas. Psychology is always going to be the goal but something is leading me toward behavioral analysis and things of that nature. I have also recently been praying about weight loss therapy once I get this weight off. I have always realized my great love for writing recently and feel led toward that a bit.

4. Get a second job that I don't hate and make at least $3,000 a month: I got a job yesterday and it makes plenty of money so I am excited. I don't think I will hate it as it is a great place for me to be. It is not in the field of psychology which kinda bums me out but I look at it as God's will if he took me there so I am trusting that he will bring me through it. Thanks for your prayers!

5. Pay off the Cavie in full and save $200 a month from May on: I haven't paid the cavie off and it won't be paid off until December of this year. I am looking forward to actually not having the loan payment anymore. This should be an easier goal now that I have a new job! I am thinking about paying more every month just to get it paid off sooner.

6. Go home for Britt's graduation in May: I just got this new job so I should be ok to buy a place ticket home for a week to see Britt graduate. The only thing I will need prayer for now is time off from both of my jobs in order to see it and celebrate with my family. I am so proud of her as it's been an uphill struggle. God has truly come through!

7. Pay $250 a month on accumulated debt in an attempt to pay off: I have been doing this the whole new year and it's been so hard. It's going to be easier with the new job. I have a lot of debt which some of you understand but I am working it down and soon to have a better credit score!

8. Handle Student Loans and make sure they are consolidated: I did this at the first of March and it's currently going through the process so I can start paying down my student loans. I am excited about getting one more thing handled.

9. Find a church that I really like and attend faithfully: I have been to church once now in the new year and I am going to Rock Harbor. I am going this Sunday as well so I am trying to build a consistent lifestyle of making fellowship with other believers important. I really need this in my life. Please keep praying!

10. Develop a consistent and healthy relationship with my father no matter what: This is an area I am struggling in. I have been putting the same effort into the relationship with my father but he seems to have let go of his end of the deal. I write emails and they go unanswered for 2-3 weeks and then his emails are shallow and newsy. I have no idea what exactly to do about this but I am working on accepting my father as he is and learning how to have a relationship with him as an adult.

11. Learn something new everyday in 2005 and record those lessons in my blog and journal: I am very proud to say that I do this every single day. If I miss a day in the blog, I make it up by still writing my learning and thankfulness. I am proud of this accomplishment!

12. Read through the Bible for the second time around: I have to be honest, I have not been doing very well on this goal. I have read about twice the whole year. I need to get into my Bible again.

13. Test blood sugar at least once a week throughout 2005: Not one bit have I done this goal. I have tested about 3 times the whole year. I am really hoping to get myself back together diabetically and really accept the disease this year. I am having problems with truly grieving it.

14. Weigh myself every Saturday of 2005 and record in a journal: I have accomplished this every single Saturday this year! Woo hoo!

15.Make sure and tell the people I love that I love them every time I talk to them in 2005: I have really kept this one as well. This is something I value so much and I try to love people the best way I know how. This is something I am doing well at.

16. Maintain good email and phone contact with my friends and family. At least one call or email per week to each person: not doing perfect at this but have done better in the new year. I hope to do better at this. Sorry to those of you feel I am failing you in this respect.

17. Send one random card a month to people I love and let them know what I feel about them: I did this is a new way in March. I actually emailed a friend I hadn't talked to in about 7-8 years and another friend I called who I hadn't spoken to in about 2 years to let them know how I felt about them and burn some bridges! It felt very good. Here comes April!

18. Buy one dress and wear it out in 2005: not yet, not confident in my own skin just yet.

19. Buy a swimsuit and wear it in front of someone in 2005 (non family member): Same applies here.

20. Have at least 2 professional pictures taken in 2005 to document any weight loss: Haven't been able to get new pics yet. The last ones done were in December. Check them out!

21. Maintain web-site well and keep it updated with new photos and news: So far I am doing great at this and maintaining it well. Go check it out and take all of the new polls, view the new pages, and enjoy the memories!

22. Take as many pictures as I can afford to take: I have only taken one roll in the new year and that was all I could afford.

23. Create a scrapbook of all of my pictures and make those memories last: I have started my scrapbook and it's amazing so far. I can't wait for all of you to see it. I have blogged about it a little and it's precious to me. I am excited about my new hobbie. It brings out my femininity and helps me create lasting memories. I am excited about it!

24. Go on a cruise to Mexico with my favorite Boy!: Still working on this...I am hoping funds will allow and we will find time. There is time though and possibly might have to do it in the summer or fall. :( Unsure of how this will pan out. The new job helps. It might end up being a weekend one instead of a week one but either way, it's time with my favorite boy! :)

25. Visit Josh in Colorado during the summer: I am doing everything I can to head out to see Josh. I miss him so much right now as he is in London. I am looking forward to chilling with him and enjoying some us time! :)

26. Finish reading Atlas Shrugged: Can you believe it...I finished it! I finished the book the day before Joel got back from Costa Rica. It was amazing and I feel different than before I read it. It's just phenomenal. I recommend to anyone willing to spend a few weeks consistently reading!

27. Have Carrie out at my place sometime in 2005: This is in the works, I am going to pray that Carrie gets time off and finances to do this. I can't wait to have her out. We have talked about it recently and she seems willing and looking forward to being able to come out.

28. Save money for Christmas to be able to get the people I love something great: Yeah I have a new job so I can start saving once I get my bills caught up and comfy again! I am very happy about this!

29. Pray everyday no matter how I am feeling or what I am doing wrong. Go humbly before the throne of God daily: Although I have failed this resolution, I have learned that it was a bit unreasonable and it doesn't make for a good relationship with God. I have started praying every other day and it's really been effective and something I can hold up. I obviously utter prayers on other days but more so...real prayer time is every other day!

30. Pay off hospital bills in Collections as soon as possible in 2005: Now that I have a new job, I am hoping to get these paid off once I am in good standing with my regular bills. I am so happy that this will start to be a NON issue!

31. Eat breakfast every day of 2005: I have done pretty well on this because I eat breakfast with Chris. On the weekends I struggle with this.

32. Take a multivitamin every day of 2005: This goes along with breakfast because I take the vitamin with Breakfast!

33. Drink 64 ounces of water every day of 2005: I come close to this everyday being that water is my only beverage. I think I come very close to this goal.

34. Work out in some way every day of 2005. This can be taking a short walk, doing weights, aerobics, shopping, etc...but I must be intentionally moving every day: I mostly meet this goal with a few slip ups here and there.

35. Lose 35 lbs at least by May when I come home for Britt's graduation: I have only lost 4 lbs so far and it's upsetting me. I won't be making this goal but one thing is for sure, I will be healthier in may than I was in January!

36. Work arms out at least 3 days a week due to them being very weak: Just recently I have added weight training to my regime and working hard on upper body, lower body, and abs! I joined 24 hour fitness for this purpose. I am not working arms 3 days a week though because they proved to not give me the rest time my muscles needed.

37. Work abs out 4 days a week in 2005. I have terrible love handles: Same goes for this one except I have started to work on these and I am very proud. This is a muscle group you can work daily so I am going to add a few more days a week to this one!

38. Have graduate school application in by February 1, 2005 to Vanguard: Does not apply as I am postponing grad school.

39. Save $10.00 of each paycheck in 2005 at least and place in a savings account in order to develop some savings: Haven't had any money to save yet but now I have a new job so this should one that I can start working on. YEAH :)

40. Record all spending in 2005 to see where all of my money goes. (my guess is food): This has been found to be bills and gas in the new year! GAS IS A HUGE ONE!!

41. Get over Adolfo in 2005 by actually dealing with all of our baggage: I haven't spoken to Adolfo in 4 months which is the idea and have been working through some of the huge things that got in our way and created problems. Today would have been 7 years and it really isn't bothering me as much as I thought it would. Thank God for healing!

42. Have a beautiful V-day in 2005 even if I don't have a date by loving myself: I had a great V-day even though there was no special guy. I was happy and established in my singlehood and 1 year free of misery!

43. Get dental work done in 2005 fixing my broken tooth and possibly more: I haven't had the extra money or insurance to do this yet.

44. Limit intake of red meat to 3 times a week in 2005: I try to stay true to this goal as it's a good one for my health.

45. Eat no pork products in 2005: I try very hard to stay away from pork in any way!

46. Read at least one psychology type book every two months in 2005...totaling 6 books in all throughout 2005: I have read one already and I am currently reading 2 so that is going to be 3 down by April hopefully.

47. Take lessons to learn something new in 2005 regardless of what it is...piano, karate, guitar, drums, etc... whatever comes to mind: Yes, I started piano lessons and although I think it is going to present a huge challenge to me, I am stoked about it. It's hard and will require a lot of my time, I am excited about learning even one song and understanding the notes. I can currently play everything I need to be playing and I am learning so much about music.

48. Write one thing each day that I am thankful for in order to fully develop a sense of gratefulness toward God: I have done this everyday and record this in the blog. It's truly a growth experience to know what is good in my life. (Stay tuned for my learning and thankfulness later)

49. Practice giving others space in 2005 by limiting phone calls and things such as that when I feel I have gone overboard: I have been doing better and better at this. There is one person who I feel I have finally learned enough to understand their point of view and respect it. I love this part of our relationship! I have been doing so well at this and feel like someone who understands that solitude does not equal lonliness now!

50. Use caution and be protected in every case. Don't take stupid risks!!! (you know what this means Erica): I have not taken any stupid risks and still feel very smart about things.

Learning March 31, 2005:

1. The story of Daphne (Greek Myth) has some interesting facets.

2. I never get tired of pita bread and hummus.

3. Taping Starting over is smarter because then I only waste 30 minutes in front of the tube instead of an hour...I fast forward through commercials.

4. God brings things when you need them the most. He is faithful!

5. Getting closure is priceless!

Thankfulness March 31, 2005:

I am thankful because I took an opportunity yesterday to gain closure on something that has been in my heart for 7-8 years. I took the opportunity presented to me by telling someone what they once meant to me and congratulating them on their life achievements that I have missed. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I know God was all over it. I am praying for another opportunity similar to this one and could really use prayer! Thank you God for this awesome chance I had!


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