Friday, April 15, 2005

Encouraging words

Today I write in full realization of my love language. I have had a hard time feeling loved lately by a few of my friends because they refuse to speak my language. It's not that they can't, they just don't. Many people believe that Words of Affirmation is a compliment fest and I am here to tell you that it isn't. I have come to the conclusion that more than anything, it's acknowledgement. Lately I have made changes by leaps and bounds. I have rearranged my whole entire life. To have my friends not acknowledge that for me, is not acceptable. I have no problem with them not doing it but I know this, if they can't see the changes and really acknowledge my position in life, I am not sure they are actually my friend. This makes me sad to think but it's truth.

In saying this today, I want to encourage two things. First of all, please learn the love languages of the people that you really care about. It's important to reach out and notice what makes them feel loved. This is not so that you can serve your friends/family/loved ones necessarily but if there is a care there, you will do what you can to communicate well with them. It's a means of actually making relationships work. I also encourage you all to really know your own love language and communicate that to people so that they know. You can't be loved when you won't allow yourself to. These are things I have come to realize over the span of growth that has been happening with me and I am so grateful for the people who really love me in my life. I am so blessed!

Well, I must go and have a joyous weekend by myself and with friends. Have a great one!

Learning April 15, 2005:

1. Almost everyone puts off taxes until the last day.

2. It's amazing to see how some women can not do for themselves in life.

3. People do not pay their bills on time.

4. Health Insurance is so lucritive.

5. People always want to find a way to blame others for actions.

Thankfulness April 15, 2005:

I am thankful that God is giving me peace about things that passes all understanding. I am hurting very badly but overall I know that God's best is out there for me and I am healing so much. Thanks for your prayers yet again!


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