Thursday, January 11, 2007

Back to School

It's been a few days and the busy-ness has already pervaded my life. I had classes on Tuesday and this semester looks like it's going to be a lot of work but also a lot of learning and I like that. I have another class today and that completes my school week. Work has been pretty average this week with Chris just having normal homework and no big projects or tests so that's nice. The relationship has been going really well this week and we have gotten a bit more time together because I think we are making more of an effort these days. We have also gotten into a few really HUGE discussions and I like the sound of them.

Consistency is not perfect but better than usual. Anthony and I spent a great deal of time last night cleaning up the room and getting it "study-worthy." I am one of those people who can't sit down and study unless my area is entirely clean and free of clutter. I am now clutter free and able to really get into my to-do list and get things completed. I got a few things off of the to-do list this morning such as changing my cell phone plan, cancelling a few unneeded expenses and working on a budget for myself for this new year. I really want to be out of debt soon and that is going to take some serious discipline and consistency.

My spiritual life is the area where the consistency is failing and that is awful because it's the most important area. I met with my therapist on Monday and we talked about how I really want to get this area of my life under control. She suggested that instead of asking so much of myself I commit to 5 things in each area. I decided to bring this to the blog because I seriously think that the blog is a place for me to really direct my thoughts and work on things. So here are my areas and the things I want to commit to.


1. Read daily bible reading
2 Do devotions (quiet time)
3. Pray (no set time period)
4. Attend church once a month (to start)
5. Give back in some way with time and finances


1. Take prescribed medications every day
2. Take vitamins every day
3. Drink a lot of water daily
4. Eat no pork products
5. Exercise daily in some way


1. Only eat out once a week
2. Pay $300 on debt per month
3. Scale back finances in any way possible
4. Only buy needs until budget is in order
5. Budget every paycheck on paper


1. Do everything to complete required reading
2. Turn in all assignments on time
3. Attend all classes
4. Ask questions when I don't understand a concept
5. Get more involved when possible


1. Keep dishes and laundry up
2. Always be available to Christopher
3. Be on time to everything
4. Keep a running to do list so I don't forget tasks
5. Keep updates with Richard on everything

Self Care:

1. Do some fun reading every single day
2. Talk to at least one friend a day
3. Plan at least one event each week with a friend
4. Do one nice thing a month for me
5. Have one date with myself per week


1. Spend a little time each day with Anthony
2. Have at least one date night a week
3. Do something nice for Anthony daily (no restrictions)
4. Tell Anthony how much he means to me in creative ways daily
5. Work on problems that anthony sees in me and that i agree with always

These are my main areas and the things I care most about. I am hoping that I can stay consistent just in these things and let other things go if they aren't that important. I know that we only have one go in this life and I want mine to count. I love you all and have a beautiful Thursday!


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