Thursday, January 04, 2007

Consistency in action.

So last night after really recovering from the flu and cleaning my house top to bottom killing that mean flu virus, I laid down in the bed to catch up with my Bible reading plan. I read about Noah and this verse caught me by surprise. "He consistently followed God's will and enjoyed a close relationship with him." (Genesis 6:9b) I was amazed because it used this word that has been haunting me in the new year...consistently. I struggle with consistency in all of my relationships, endeavors, tasks, responsibilities, etc... I know that if I follow consistently my relationships will be closer, my grades better, my tasks completed on time, my life easier. I know this and found this to be true in a great biblical example of Noah. Noah had no problem knowing what to do in the flood situation because he was consistent. He didn't run out of time getting the ark built because he was consistent. He didn't get sick with all of those animals because my guess is, he was consistent. I long to be as consistent as Noah.

I ended up really getting the house cleaned up from the flu yesterday and have more laundry to run today. Christopher has a dental appointment, karate, and is going to his mom's this evening so that gives me a lot of time today to get the room picked up and plan out my next week which involves me returning to classes. This semester is going to be different. I will read my assignments, have things in on time, attend all of my classes, and not let my outside issues get in the way of my education. I am raring to go. I am looking forward to my classes to as they sound interesting.

I also return into full swing work on Monday as Christopher returns to classes as well. He is starting to get ready for the high school exam too so that should be a blast. We will also be trying to balance my schedule and his for a while with Thursdays being the operative problem. I am determined to get through this semester without a hitch. I have a little time constraint but one I should be able to work out.

I also return to therapy on Monday so my life is pretty much going right back into full swing all at once. I pray that my consistency issue will not rear it's ugly head but that I will get a hold on things. I have really not "started" working on the weight issue yet because I wanted to get better from this sickness but I am thinking about everything that goes into my mouth lately. I am going to start my work out plan tonight I think since I am rested up from being sick. I am not sure if my lungs are ready yet but we'll see. I am starting at working out 3 days a week and go from there. Once I get my loan money back it is going to go to a gym membership because my body has to get some CONSISTENT exercise.

Well, I should go and make some lunch for me and the boy. We are going to be starving on the job if we don't have something to eat. Be consistent like Noah today!

--Erica --

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