Friday, January 12, 2007

The Notebook and some pain.

Yesterday while Anthony was here for a few hours and not working we watched "The Notebook" together and neither of us had seen it. I had heard numerous reviews of the movie from all of my friends and family saying it was such a great movie and I would cry so hard at the ending and such and such. I loved the movie and it certainly is one of the better romances of my generation, however there was no crying. I watched the movie and found that there was no saddness at the end. If you have seen this movie you know that the ending really is exactly as it should have been. Maybe there would have been crying if it turned out that one of the main characters were gone but not the other but the way it ended, pleased me greatly. All was right with my world.

Now, onto other topics. I am in immense pain today. I haven't had a urinary tract infection for a while so naturally it had to happen the first week of the semester. It's in full swing today and hurting like crazy. I have been up several times throughout the night trying to keep myself from feeling badly but if any of you have ever had one, you know it's miserable. I have a lot of reading to do this weekend so I hope it doesn't distract me too much. I have a doctor's appointment next Thursday so I have to hold out until then to get antibiotics. I am going to try to purchase an over the counter med for it until then.

I had my last class last night and it looks like it's going to be good. It's a stats class and as a rule, I am not really a math person but our prof for this class said it isn't so much computational as it is psychological stats so I am looking forward to it. It teaches me how to read research and that is something I really want to be able to do effectively. I am really lucky because I found one of my text books that I couldn't afford yet at the library and since I am a grad student I can check it out for the whole semester so that will save me around $40.00.

I am really proud of myself because last night I spent 2 and 1/2 hours working on reading assignments and such. I buckled down and removed all distractions and just did some reading and took notes over my reading. I also did a small assignment for Family Therapy and got to bed not too late so now I am up early in the morning starting my weekend. I am looking forward to this weekend even though the infection is here with a vengence. I have tonight to really finish up a lot of my reading and spend time with myself. On Saturday Anthony is off work so I have a really great day with the boyfriend planned and on Sunday I get to spend time with Heather which also doesn't happen a whole lot anymore. I miss her so much! She really needs the time as do I right now.

My list of things that are musts for consistency are doing ok. I seem to be getting into the habit of completing them more every day. By the end of this year, I am hoping these things will just naturally be a part of my life. Well, I am going to go and start on my list of things to do for the day. I hope everyone reading this had a spectacular weekend and allows themselves to be blessed.


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