Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Village and Chicken Little

So tonight I worked hard on re-organizing my room and watched some netflix while I did that. I watched "The village" first and it was a very odd movie but one I enjoyed. I thought I would watch the more creepy one first since I would be going to bed (or so I thought). I started Chicken Little after that and I am still watching it now. I can't sleep and it's 4:00 am because I took a 3 hour nap earlier and boy did it make me well rested. Anthony is at work tonight so I miss him but the time we had together today was so precious to me.

I was laying in bed tonight trying to get to sleep and listening to my i-pod when I literally had to get up and dance. That is another of my lost loves. I was always dancing when I was younger and I miss it so much. I was dancing like a fool in my room by myself in my pjs. I thought it was fun and a little funny actually. I was realizing that I still love reading, dancing, music, and of course softball. Today I was able to read, nap, dance, listen to music, and hit some balls in the batting cage. What a perfect day!

I decided to add to my already awesome blog about life, movies, love, self improvement and the such, why not add the first song on my shuffle button on my i-pod to try to add spice to the blog. Today the song is: Lay your hands on me-- Bon Jovi.

Yes I completely still listen to Bon Jovi and various other 80's artists for that matter. This song is just a great tune that reminds of Indiana and all of it's vintage glory. How I love my i-pod!


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