Friday, January 05, 2007

Consistency ...yet again.

So I said I was going to take one of my areas of struggle and blog it to death and boy have I with consistency?! I have been very consistent in the new year. I have eaten pretty well, taken meds, cared for my loved ones, done my job well, read my Bible, etc... and it feels good. Today I went over to Vanguard and registered financially for the new semester and saw my good friend Seth. He is a constant reminder of God's love for me through the program as well as several other people I go to school with. I talked with him for a few minutes and found out we have 3 classes together which is a blessing in every way. Consistency was important in a lot of areas but the one that I have come to the conclusion is the most important is trusting God and knowing HE loves me! I have been able to see his love in the new year way better through my family, friends, boyfriend, blessings, and opportunities to bless others.

Very few people actually read this blog on a daily basis so I don't mind sharing this today. I was at Target today and was heading in to get my storage containers for all of my STUFF and a few small school supplies to start the semester out and I was talking to my little sister on my $300 cell phone when this lady walked up to me with a squeegie in her hand and a few bags as well. She said "Excuse me Ma'm but do you mind if I wash your windows for a little money for my family to eat?" She was toothless, dirty, and clearly malnourished. My heart strings were very much tugged.

I know that a lot of people might say I am a sucker or might say "She will only buy drugs or alcohol" but something in my spirit said those words that Jesus said so many years ago. "What you do the least of these, you have done to me." I looked into her eyes and said absolutely. I got into my wallet and got out the only cash I had in there (I am pretty broke myself right now) which was $6.00 and handed it to her. She smiled with her toothless grin and I said "God bless you." I meant it this time. I wanted God to richly bless her. I wanted God to revolutionize her entire life. I wanted her to see how much He loves her. I wanted her to feel just a glimpse of the love I feel from Jesus Christ. He has given me great family, friends, and the most amazing boyfriend that could ever have been created. He handed me diamonds in the people he gave me. He gave me an intellect where I can learn well and a great education. He gave me a great job as Chris' nanny where I can maintain my life. He gave me everything and I watched today as someone without those things still pressed on trying to provide for her family. Talk about Girl power! I was moved. I saw Jesus in her and I wanted to serve Him so badly. We are all only one lay off, one bankruptcy, one house-fire away from losing all we have and becoming toothless, malnourished, and dirty.

Today I hoped that as she walked away from my cavalier (completely paid off at age 26) that she did an impeccable job cleaning up, she thought..that girl knows her Lord and He loves me enough to bring me to her! I wanted her to see Jesus in me, I only hope I showed His face well. I pray that it was Him, coming to see me today and remind me of his love and blessings in my life. I need to be often reminded of all of my blessings and how truly provided for I really am. Think that through today as some of you might be better off than myself. Thank HIM and help someone else today who might not be!


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