Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Last Kiss

So I just finished my 3rd movie from Netflix and it was really sad and disturbing. It was "The Last Kiss" with Zach Braff. I really like him but he was not my favorite person in this movie. It was under the genre of romance but if that is romance, we have really lost the true meaning. This was filled with drama, cheating, heartache, loss, divorce, breakups etc... In other words, what the world has turned love into. It's sad that we are so jaded these days. I am hoping to really fully enjoy my love life and never turn it into something so harsh and volatile. I used to live just like that and it wasn't fun.

I am really starting to get a urinary tract infection and it's awful. I am drinking a lot of water to try to prevent it from getting worse but most likely I will be asking for antibiotics at the doctor on the 18th. I have a diabetic check up then and that is a good time to get everything else looked at too. I still have my chest congestion and a lot of blowing of the nose too so I might just have a roaming infection in my body that needs killed.

I am so excited because Anthony is off work and headed home and we have the rest of the evening together because he doesn't work tonight. I miss him so much so tonight will be nice. We have plans to grab dinner, some frozen yogurt and head home to cuddle up and watch a thriller. I miss my boy and just to have his arms around me is all that I need in life. Tomorrow it's back to the grind so one more night of vacation won't hurt.

Tomorrow I have work, a therapy appointment, and have to get ready to go back to school. I am excited about my new classes and starting this new year right. I am hoping to really delve into some serious issues in therapy tomorrow too. I need it from my vacation!

Happy Sabbath everyone and I am signing off for the night to be with my man. God thank you so much for so much beauty in my life.


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