Saturday, January 20, 2007

Marriage, Dresses, Venues, and life.

This title might seem a little shocking but this has been on my mind lately. Next week on Friday will mark 6 years since Adolfo got on one knee and asked me to marry him with no intention of ever following through. Thursday will mark just 7 months that have shared with the most beautiful man I have ever known, Anthony James Lewis. Both of these being true makes me think of marriage. With Adolfo, I really thought when he asked me to marry him that it was what he wanted. I thought it was what WE wanted. I was wrong on both accounts. Now, I can hardly think of anything else besides spending my life with Anthony. I get excited thinking about walking down the aisle to his smile, dancing in his arms, and moreso starting a family with him and spending every day more than making it work. I look foward to experiencing life with him, seeing new things with him, watching new movies with him, hearing new music with him, visiting memories with him, and growing old right beside him.

In saying of all of this, I have been spending some much needed "wasted" time on I have been looking through dresses, cakes, venues, flowers, etc... I have also been thinking about what I would say in my vows, what things are important to me, what traditions I want to have at the ceremony, where we should live, and everything. I feel sappy and silly doing this but I never did this before! Not even 7 years ago when I had a new diamond on my finger and a boy who loved me filling my head with empty promises. Could it be that God delivered the man for me? I sure hope so.


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