Saturday, January 06, 2007

Errands, Schedules, and Days gone by.

Today I realized that errands consume a great deal of my life. Yesterday I spent an hour and a 1/2 solving a customer service issue. Isn't it amazing how much of our lives we spend running to the store, mailing items, picking up prescriptions, picking up our dry cleaning, making phone calls and the such? I was perplexed because I had plans to spend much of my evening last night getting my life organized. Tonight has shifted to that night. Anthony and I haven't had a date in God knows how long due to his two jobs. I was thinking how I really wanted to spend time with him and just enjoy his company but since that isn't an option, I will go on a date with me and clean my room tonight. I need to get things together for the new semester anyway and for Chris' new quarter.

Today, Anthony and I are spending our precious time together running errands. I hate that for us. We are going to put insurance on his car and get it smog checked. Those are the kinds of things we do as a couple right now. I will be really grateful when God blesses Anthony with a raise or promotion so that one job is adequate for our lives. I am also going to be grateful when we both have figured out our debt and budgets and have a handle on how to take care of money, we are both learning that lesson.

My today is going to be filled with time with Anthony, cleaning, organizing, spending time with me and God, and getting ready for my "new year." I hope you all have a great Saturday and many blessings to you!


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