Sunday, October 10, 2004

A fire inside

Hey everyone. How was your Sunday? Mine was enlightening and at the same time mundane. I went to church this morning after a hard Saturday and I really wanted to give my all in worship and just focus on God's greatness as I spent a Sunday in the greatest church on earth! It is amazing to be a Christian and know God's greatness and feel his distinct pull in your life. This being said, Church was awesome. Mike Erre, the Pastor at Rock Harbor has been doing a series on John 3:16 and he is taking 7 weeks to pick the verse apart and put it in perspective. I think a lot of times we read that verse and almost skip over the true meaning and this series is helping me to see that. Today we dealt with the phrase "Whoever believes in Him." It was so cool to think about the fact that God is not picky about how we come to him. He cares that we come and we don't have to be clean beforehand. That is a load off of my mind since I come bearing scars, filth, lies, deceit, SIN, and more where that came from. Let's be honest, I am NOT a good person. I have come to the realization that it is ok that I am not though because WHO IS? Only God himself!

After a great morning at church I headed down to my favorite place to eat nowdays, Koo Koo Roo's. I love this place because there is healthy cuisine at a fast food price. I wouldn't say it's cheap but for what you get, it's not bad. I had sliced turkey and Yams. It was so great and I went to work for the afternoon at Richmond to try to get some things caught up. I didn't get a whole lot done but knocked out a few projects. I then had to go up to Corona (a city in California, not the beer) and pick up Christopher. He spends the weekends with his mom up in Temecula so we have a half way point where we meet. He was really rowdy tonight and it took me a lot to get him all packed up for Astrocamp. Pray for safety for him because he is going all week and you just never know with an 11 year old boy.

I have some definite goals this week that need to be accomplished. First of all, my car is filthy. I would like to dedicate a little bit of time to getting that all sorted out this week since Chris is not here and he won't be cluttering it up with his karate gee, matchbox cars, and action figures. I know, I am such a mom! :) This week I would also like to gain control of my room. It has been out of control for some time just due to the whole bronchitis/hit by a car fiasco. I would also like to put a lot of time into my spiritual life. I have been lacking on time with the Lord and that's of great importance right now. I would also like to have some ME time. I need some time where I just focus on me. I need to focus on things that relax me and make me happy. First of all 7th Heaven tomorrow night! ha ha. Mac and Cheese makes me happy too. I am easily pleased.
Onto my lesson for the day; Today I have learned a great deal as with most days in my life. When you accept a challenge, don't complain when it is one. I have defintely accepted a challenge when taking a job to be a nanny for an 11 year old ADHD little boy. He is precious and I love Chris so much, but man he is hard to control at times. He was without pills today and it was so hard to figure out how to calm him down. He is so intelligent in things of the world though and he knows when he is creating a ticking erica-bomb. He calmly said tonight,when my head looked as if it might explode, "Erica, now you know what those pills do for me!" He is so cute but man, you could just die from exhaustion when this happens. I am ready today to step up to the challenge and allow God to control my thoughts and actions toward Chris. I love him very much and I know I am a piece of God that he is getting to see each day. This week as I have a break from him I am going to use it to intercede on his behalf. Little Chris has so much potential and I just hope that I can help him become that man that God wants him to be. (GOD HELP ME)
I have also learned today that my best friend outside of Jesus Christ himself, is me! I love myself and I care about my well-being and few others really do. It's amazing to see that and know that it's depressing but also very comforting. That means the two people who love me (me and God) aren't going anywhere. How comforting is that. Isn't it funny how we look at being alone as a curse when really it is the ultimate gift. I am going to take time this week to really enjoy my alone time. God help me to enjoy the things in me that I like. I need to know the good and bad in me.
Thanks for stopping in today everyone and for sharing my most intimate thoughts with me. I enjoy knowing that all of you are keeping me accountable to these thoughts and feelings. P.S. If you are reading the blog, drop me an email and let me know you are. I know it's beneficial to me but I would like to know who all is keeping posted on it. Have a great new week everyone and make it count! ~Shalom~

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