Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Homesick, a little

Hello everyone. Today I come to you in the midst of planning my trip home to Indiana. Some of you that read this blog often, are from Indiana and haven't seen me in awhile. I haven't been home since last December so I am pretty ready to see the rolling hills and Wal-marts as far as the eye can see. I am also really missing my friends as that is the hardest part of living so far away. I don't get to hang out with my friends and see their lives up close. I love California so much and can't even begin to fathom moving back to Indiana but I need my fix.

Today I was thinking about how much I love living out here yet something in me longs to travel as well. It's just really deep inside of me to get a suitcase together and get on a plane. I use all of my extra fun money on travelling. That would explain the cruise to Baja that Joel and I are taking next year. I am in the midst of planning that as well. I will include more details as they become available.

I really love being settled somewhere and having roots but not having to stay where those roots are all the time. I have some roots that are still in Indiana but most of them have been transplanted so to speak to So. Cal. I just really love it out here and am dying to buy a home out here so I KNOW it's permanent.

A friend of mine from Indiana told me last night that he is moving out here. I was so excited and couldn't believe it. I am really happy to maybe getting a little bit of home on my side of the U.S. I don't think the decision is clearly made yet but either way it makes me happy. Tonight is night # 2 of Erica relaxing time. I intend to go downstairs and watch Gilmore girls while laying on my rumpkis. I also will be cleaning up my room since they are coming to clean the carpet tomorrow. I am going to go running in Balboa and talk to a friend and then Atlas Shrugged my way to sleep.

Today's lesson was so clear it almost hit me square in the face. I am learning today to pace myself. Everyone, no matter how experienced they are, makes mistakes. I need to pace myself more and more each day to take on the tasks that are ahead of me. There is no way I can learn everything in a day so learning one thing is a huge achievement. I appreciate the fact that people who are wise in my eyes make mistakes every day so I can see that I am not so bad.

My quest to be like God is shaping up only because I stop and pray every hour or so and think about being like him. Let's be honest, I can't even exist without Him. Please pray for me to continue to strive for this goal though because it's so important to everything I stand for. A friend of mine is sick today. If you could lift her up in prayer, her name is Leslie. Also, Carrie Ritchison (dear friend from Indiana) has a grandpa who is sick right now as well and is dealing with some grief of her own. Please pray for her this week as it's a rough one. We all know how grief comes back to rear it's ugly head.

Still praying about healing over parent's divorce and longing for God to show me all that has arisen out of this. Pray because healing can be painful. I am feeling much better for those of you who are wondering. No limp left and wounds are healing successfully. No infection and less than horrible anger! ha ha

Have a beautiful week everyone, thanks for coming and ~shalom~

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