Wednesday, October 06, 2004

When you grocery shop, wear a helmet

Hello everyone. I am sorry to report that today I was actually hit by a car. I was grabbing some things at Albertson's (grocery store here) and I was walking to my car with my cart when a lady in a Toyota Sequoia actually backed up using her accelerator and plowed me down. I have road rash all over the right side of my body and the left side is sore from being hit by a vehicle. I have no idea when this happens to someone but today, it did to me! I am pretty banged up and sore but truly feel that God spared my life. I was about to be crushed by an SUV but I had enough sense to hit the car so she knew she had hit something and when I did she used her brakes just in time to not crush the left side of my body. I am happy to report there is nothing broken and just damage to the right side really. I am walking kinda crazy but other than that, life is fine.

Today's lesson is, wear a helmet when grocery shopping...just kidding. Actually I really did learn something today and that is know who your friends are. The people who are your friends will respond to a crisis with gentleness and patience and help you understand the feelings you are going through. Real friends will call you and make sure you are ok. Real friends will be encouraging and help you find the lesson in a bad day. In saying that, I have to tell you that I have very FEW good friends. That is a sad truth to come to but also a revealing truth. I am standing firm on God's revealing nature and he will do anything to show you truth and increase your knowledge. I am happy to report that God is continuing to reveal things to me and I am learning so much. Thank you for tuning in today and this chair is exceedingly uncomfortable so I am going to go lay down and read Atlas Shrugged. Have a great Thursday all and thanks for stopping in. ~Shalom~

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